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Fashion tips for those with uninspiring closets

We all go through periods during which we’d happily throw our closet on a landfill and be done with it. Even the most uninspiring collection of clothes can be salvaged, however. Sometimes it might involve getting rid of the things you no longer wear in order to uncover old favorites hiding beneath the clutter, sometimes it might involve finding some additions to bring a tired outfit to life, and sometimes it may well involve buying brand new outfits to suit newer styles and your own taste in preferences.

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Reinvent basic outfits.

You look through the same dozens of outfits every day, and none of them inspire you. Still, there may be potential for an exciting new outfit in amongst all the clutter, but you just haven’t spotted out. You could take a simple button-up shirt and reinvent it by knotting the bottom and wearing a high-waisted skirt. Or, you could try unbuttoning it and wearing a blouse or another kind of shirt underneath. You could even wear the button-up shirt itself beneath a jumper or a jacket. Even that corny old graphic t-shirt you used to love can still be part of a fashionable outfit if you style it correctly. A sleek skirt and a fashionable denim jacket over the top could both combine to make that cheesy t-shirt part of a modern and trendy outfit.

Be inspired by fashion week.


Okay, shows like London Fashion Week do put on some crazy displays with outfits which are either far out of your price range or would look ridiculous on a non-model out in public. Still, there’s something inspiring about the styles showcased there. It’s something about the general vibe of the week; it’s very passionate, creative, and unique. Those are all qualities that you need to possess, so embrace some of the statements being made there. You might get ideas in terms of accessorizing and styles which suit the current season. The colors and patterns displayed, at the very least, could help you develop your own wardrobe for the season.

Wear clothes that fit.

The main problem with your closet might not be that your clothes are no longer fashionable but they’re the wrong size. Whether they’re too big or too small for you, there’s nothing more unfashionable than ill-fitting clothes. Your size doesn’t matter because anybody can look good in any kind of style as long as it fits their body well. The goal is to go for outfits which look as if they were tailor-made for you. There’s something enticing about a well-fitted outfit; it looks as if you’ve put the effort into your closet. Of course, loosely-fitting clothes such as dresses can work well if they still complement your shape. You might want to check out ranges from The Iconic because they’re offering a lot of range this season.

That’s all there is to reinventing your uninspiring closet. You just need to know what works for you. Fashion trends are always changing, so the important thing is simply that you opt for timeless and understated styles which work to accentuate your best qualities rather than working the other way around. You need to focus on styles, colors, and sizes which work for your shape and appearance rather than trying to make the wrong kind of style work for you.

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