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Best Luxury Luggage Brands 2013

We all dream of rocking up to the airport laden with glossy matching luggage all stacked up neatly on an airport trolley, preferably being pushed along by a team of good-looking security dressed in all back, don’t we?! If you’re nodding your head right now, this is most certainly for you. Here are some of […]

Kipling Alvar Bah

Monkey Business: Travel with Kipling Bags

With their iconic styling and cheeky monkey mascot, Kipling bags have become a firm favourite with young and old across the world. From their humble beginnings in Antwerp, Belgium twenty-five years ago, Kipling is now a widely recognised international brand, known for its fun and funky bag designs not to mention its high production standards. […]

Moncrief Carry On Bags

Nomadic Elegance: Luggage by Moncrief London

For the global traveler who lives a life of nomadic elegance, these timeless artisan pieces by Moncrief London are designed to be used and treasured for ever. If you’re looking for chic luggage and travel accessories, things don’t come more stylish than these new pieces from British luxury brand Moncrief London. Under creative director Caroline […]

Hartmann Luggage Tweed Collection

Travel with Tweed: Hartmann Tweed Collection

When it comes to purchasing luggage, you have to look at it as an investment. Not only does your luggage have a practical function, holding all your valued possessions, it’s also a fashion accessory that travels all over the world with you. It needs to be stylish, but it also needs to be made to […]