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5 Ways to Cover Up at the Beach

Whether you’re fetching an ice cream or the sun is going down in the sky, sometimes you just want to slip on a quick cover up over your bikini. Luckily we’ve come a long way from board shorts and simple sarongs for covering up at the beach! With so many options to decide from, choosing [...]

Lancaster Invisible Mist Wet Skin Application SPF 30

Save your skin: Top sunscreens to protect your skin

It’s time to grab the sunscreen and dash to the beach! Saying that, even if you are relaxing in the open outdoors and the sky is predominately cloudy sunscreen should still be applied. Yes you may not be in the tropics but even through cloud your skin is attracting harmful sun-rays. Ouch! Now we all [...]

Chewton Glen Treehouses

Swing through the trees: Most luxurious Tree House Hotels

Fed up of your typical hotels? Then why not branch out and embrace your adventurous side as you swing through the trees like Tarzan in the most luxurious tree-house hotels. Escape to the skies and the only noise you will be hearing is the sounds of the wildlife and not a child’s tantrum in ear [...]


Best Luxury Luggage Brands 2013

We all dream of rocking up to the airport laden with glossy matching luggage all stacked up neatly on an airport trolley, preferably being pushed along by a team of good-looking security dressed in all back, don’t we?! If you’re nodding your head right now, this is most certainly for you. Here are some of [...]


Tea Total. London’s Best Afternoon Tea Spots

One of my favourite things in the world is going to afternoon tea. Champagne, three tiers of delicious sweet and savoury treats, and copious amounts of caffeine laden hot fluid. Perfect. And where better to enjoy it than England, where the tradition of afternoon tea first originated amongst the wealthy classes. If you’re looking for [...]

Chevron Luggage Tag Lilac

Travel in style with these Etsy luggage tags

The summer season is in full swing and no doubt most of you will be packing your bags to feel the sun on your skin and experience what summer should be about. The last thing you want is your new summer finds and vacation outfits getting lost en route to your destination, so add some [...]