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Destination Wedding: The Ultimate Romantic Wedding Destinations

You’ve said ‘yes’. Now comes the difficult part of planning where to say ‘I do’. If you’re looking for destination wedding ideas, we’ve picked out some of the world’s most romantic locations for your big day!

destination wedding ideas

Show-stopping Spectacle in Greece

Greece Destination Wedding Ideas

For those of you who are fans of Mamma Mia!, Greece is an instant response to the idea of a destination wedding. From Santorini to Rhodes, the stunning Greek islands boast magnificent sprawling landscapes, enchanting cobble-stone paths, and beautifully vibrant traditional Greek villages to pose as the back-drop to your perfect musical-inspired day. Whether you want a classic chapel wedding or simply chic beach nuptials, Greece is a captivating contender.

Timeless Romance in Italy

Venice- destination wedding ideas

From the classical romance of Florence to the historical mystery of Rome, the dramatic arena of Venice to the strikingly beautiful Amalfi coast, and of course the fabulously fashionable Milan, Italy offers an extensive list of gorgeous wedding destinations.

Mountain Top Marriage in New Zealand

New Zealand- Destination Wedding Ideas

Proclaim your love from the top of a mountain in the glorious New Zealand. A country of exquisite and diverse natural beauty, New Zealand offers awe-inspiring mountain ranges and rolling pastures, flawless lakes and rushing rivers as the scene for your big day, and a big day it would be indeed in a setting such as this.

Taking the Plunge in Iceland

iceland- Destination Wedding Ideas

Your dress may not be so important at this venue, but the spectacularly seductive surroundings more than make up for it. Tie the knot beneath the breath-taking Northern Lights, among some of nature’s most incredible marvels.

A French Fancy

paris- destination wedding ideas

If you’re planning on a destination wedding, the langage de l’amour is definitely desirable. And where better to look than France? Home to the city of love, France is the ultimate wedding destination for the hopeless romantic.

A New York Lifetime

new york- destination wedding ideas

Oozing with romantic chic and picturesque elegance, New York’s Central Park is a fantastic place to say ‘I do’. Whether the autumn leaves colour the scene copper and gold, or the snow settles on the trees, the blossom petals dally in the spring breeze or the sun shines upon the ceremony, this New York gem is beautifully romantic all year round.

The Calming Caribbean

caribbean- destination wedding ideas

With year-round gorgeous weather, an abundance of fascinating islands and inspiring scenery, the crystal clear seas, beautiful sandy beaches and mesmerising surroundings of the Caribbean have long attracted romantically-inclined wedding couples to into its relaxed atmosphere.

written by Hannah Tyrell

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