3 Must-Do Vacation Activities And The Accessories You’ll Need

There are three things that most of us do on vacation. These are the things that can sometimes define our vacation and make the cost of travel worth every penny. You’re going to need to pack the right accessories to make the most of them. Here’s what you’ll need:


Car transfers, trains to the airport, and the flight are just some of the ways you’ll get to your destination. Traveling is hard work on your feet and your arms. And if you’re planning or exploring your destination on foot when you get there, you’ll need some handy accessories:

  • Luggage. A hands-free bag is essential because you need to carry everything you might need with you when you’re hiking over all terrains. Pick a backpack that’s waterproof with a padded shoulder strap for comfort. Luggage on wheels is essential when you’re using the biggest international airports!


  • Water bottle. Pick a water bottle bpa free and plastic free for any long walks in the heat. You might not ordinarily drink much, but if you start working up a sweat you’ll be glad you have it!
  • Walking Shoes. No, not your sandals! You need proper, hardy walking shoes if you’re going to go any distance into the countryside. Don’t forget your socks. Where comfortable flats when you’re on flights to help avoid swollen calves and ankles.


Sure, you can find a quiet spot in the park, or a rooftop in the city to soak up some rays. When you’re on vacation, though, there is nothing to rush back to. You have the sun beating down, the ocean waves lapping at your feet, and all the time in the world to relax and just be. Of course, if you don’t often get much sun, it’s really important to be extra safe. You’ll need the following accessories:

  • UVA and UVB protective sun cream. This should prevent burning and also offer healthy moisturizers to keep your skin in tip-top shape. Opt for the waterproof variety if you like to cool off in the pool or the sea.
  • Hat. Protecting the top of your head is one of the most important things you need to do. Heat or sunstroke is not funny. It can make you dizzy, confused, and even pass out. A floppy sun hat gives your face a touch of shade too.


  • Towel. This is multifunctional and one of the most useful things you can bring to the beach for a spot of sunbathing. Lie on it to protect your skin from the hot sand. Dry your hair and body with it when you’ve been for a dip. Maintain your dignity when you want to take some layers off!


There’s no getting away from it! Food, souvenirs, and those essential suitcase fillers are all part of the vacation experience:


  • Travel Credit Card. Using a top-up card means your bank account details aren’t at risk if your card is cloned or stolen.
  • A bigger suitcase. Make sure you have the baggage allowance and a secure case that’s empty.
  • A calculator. Make sure your maths is up to scratch for the exchange rate and grab yourself a bargain! Happy holidays.

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