3 Ways to Keep in Touch With Your Favorite Nomad Without Technology

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Now let’s pretend like instead of Carmen Sandiego, we said the name of your friend or family member, or the Wandering Nomad. It feels like this person is ALWAYS TRAVELING. He or she is in Texas indulging in kolaches and then the next thing you know, they’re in Peru visiting Machu Picchu.

Know someone like this? How do they do it? How is this their life?? Unfortunately for you, this is not the article where we tell you how to live like traveling is your day job, but we will address how you can keep in contact with this person—because while they’re out there crossing the Sahara by camel, they’re very rarely tied to their phone and communication can be tough.

Snail Mail

The practice might be as old as dirt, but that’s part of why this one’s such a goodie. No one does it anymore. Find out where your friend is going, get the address, and send your favorite wanderer a postcard or a couple greeting cards in the mail. 

There’s probably nothing better than getting an actual nice piece of mail when the norm is bills and credit card offers, and your nomad won’t even see it coming. And don’t forget to put your return address because who knows? They might even send you one back.

Care Packages

Traveling, for all its hype and luster, can sometimes leave even the most energetic wanderer feeling beat or maybe even a little homesick. Restore their zeal with a care package carefully curated to give them a taste of home and some extra comfort. 

Personalize it with a few of their favorite treats, and pop in some essentials: a lip balm and small lotion, some jerky and/or trail mix, a pair of comfortable socks, and a travel-sized deodorant. You could even toss in some cards and envelopes complete with a sheet of stickers—maybe they’ll get the hint and shoot you some snail mail back?


Pack your bags, because you’re going along for the ride! Don’t let your friend leave on their next trip without you. One of the best ways to keep in touch with your world-traveling loved one is to just go with them. That’s easier said than done, of course, but if you can manage to get away, chances are you would have a blast traveling with someone who does it like it’s their day job, and your friend would love the company. If they’re already gone and you’re able to find out their locale, you could even be ultra spontaneous and show up and surprise them.

Communicating with a frequent traveler can be tricky, and when your favorite nomad isn’t tied to their phone, it’s more important than ever to find an alternate way to keep in touch and foster a good relationship. Get creative and have some fun with greeting cards, care packages, and spontaneous quick trips to stay close to the wanderers you love.

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