5 Great Fashion Apps for your Smartphone!

Written by Katie Mccarron

[box]Need help organising your wardrobe for your next vacation or simply want some travel style inspiration? We’ve selected 5 great fashion apps for your smartphone to help brighten up your day![/box]

1. Closet

If you’re a nightmare when it comes to organising your fashionable pieces for a big trip this app is for you. My first impression of ‘Closet’ was rather dull, although logging in with Facebook was straightforward. The aim of the application is to take pictures of what’s available in your current wardrobe and to load them up; this then gives you the opportunity to flick through your wardrobe and piece together an outfit for the days or weeks ahead! The application is great if you have a busy morning or a lot to plan and you don’t want to be tripping over your sweaters in the process!

Screen shot of Closet and what’s available on the app.

2. Snap Fashion

‘Snap fashion’ is an app that helps you get the item you want. It’s great when you’re on the move and see something you like! You can ‘snap it’ and the app finds just what you’re looking for. I was excited about this fashion application knowing it had a wish list and news feed. I showed the app to a few people and they all said they love the concept. Also the colour and style is very modern and simplistic.

Snap Fashion the app that shows you how to get what you want.

3. Style Tag

‘Style tag’ is a fashion app that caught my eye for its tasteful image and social networking opprtunities. Logging in was simple and I had the options of Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook. Using the application seemed effortless- there is also the option to tag images (similar to Instagram and Twitter). Reviews suggest the app is great for image resourcing and outfit inspiration.

Tag your goods and show them off to the world of Style tag

4. Pose

‘Pose’ is an app that lets you share and discover inspiring outfits from around the world. With a 4* rating on the Apple app store, critics are raving about this app and claim it’s addictive.“It’s a live stream of street style right on your phone” say the folks over at Marie Claire. The application looks stylish and is similar to the latest social networking apps. ‘Pose’ mirrors much of Twitter yet from a fashionable perspective.

“a live stream of fashion”- Marie Claire

5. Closet Swap

For the environmentally friendly side of you, I love the fact that an application is supporting sustainable fashion! It’s also sponsored by Channel 4’s ‘Closet Swap’. The user gathers clothes they wish to share and then uploads photos of the clothes to the application. Closet Swap is colourful and eye catching, and the closet cam is great with no silhouettes just a genuine image of your clothing. If you’re out and about, the Fashion Finder lets you discover nearby markets charity shops and vintage shops!  I would certainly rate this application with 5* however the app store disagrees with rating only 2.5*. You judge ! Download and let us know what you think!

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