5 Most Versatile (and Fashionable) Clothing Items for Travel Pics

Looking good in pictures is an art all on its own. You have to get the flattering angle, the natural light, and ideally it should be candid too. You’d like to get caught in mid-laugh, running through the water, or maybe seeing the sunrise from a beautiful morning hike. However, If you’re traveling, there is another problem: what to pack. Sure, you can bring your whole wardrobe with you, picking the most ideal outfit for every event of the day, but there has to be a certain versatility in your choices. Otherwise, additional checked bags will get expensive and heavy and you will be left overwhelmed. Here are the five most versatile and flattering clothing items that are a must have for any vacation.

  1. Comfortable and Functional Zipper Pocket Jeggings

If you haven’t tried jeggings while you travel, it’s an opportunity wasted. If you find the right fit, they look like skinny jeans but feel like leggings and provide comfort while you sit on the plane, or walk around a new city. Paired with a tunic or cute and casual t-shirt, you will look put together and fashionable. Added bonus: If you can find some with zipper details and pockets, not only would it give you extra bling for your pictures, it’ll provide a safe place for a little extra spending cash. You can find them here.

  1. Flattering Neutral Toned Dress

If you pack a simple shift, t-shirt or form fitting casual dress, you are left with endless clothing options. Put a sweater over it if it’s chilly, or pair with leggings for a long day of exploring. Depending on your style, black or faded green can be a good color option, as these colors pair well with most other clothing pieces. Earth tones or faded jeweled tones may fit best, as bright colors may clash with other clothing items. Find a dress you feel super comfortable and attractive in, and your pictures will illuminate with confidence. Check them here.

  1. Accessorize with Something Unique and Bold

Find something that is uniquely you and pair it with your more neutral items. It may seem frivolous at first to pack, but a statement piece will add visual interest in your pictures. Something effortless like a shawl or scarf might work, or for warmer weather try a thin cotton tie front top. Even something super bold like a giant, extravagant necklace could take your plainly colored dress to a whole new level. Etsy has got them here.

  1. Simple Ballet Flats with Tread

Ballet flats are super easy to pack as they fit within each other and can easily be stowed in a spare pocket. They are also essential in dressing up a wardrobe for a night out on the town. We have all been there: bringing a super cute outfit on a vacation but then forgetting to pack appropriate shoes. We end up wearing hiking shoes with an otherwise adorable outfit. Finding ballet flats with tread and arch support would be ideal, just in case you get lost exploring the town at night, or climbing over some rocks to get to your moonlit beach destination. Amazon has them here.

  1. A Highly Versatile Striped Shirt

With a variety of colors, you can slip a striped shirt over your neutral dress and tie it in a cute knot or pair it with your jeggings and you are instantly ready to go. Evoking a subtle sailor vibe, or a sophisticated summer afternoon, stripes are simple and adorable, letting you express a little style without needing to bring multiple clothing items. Depending on your fashion sense, wearing it with a leather jacket for a cool look in the city, or with a sweet brightly colored skirt riding bikes in the country, your striped tee is ready for any travel situation in any terrain in the world. You can find them here.


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