A Note from the Editor…

No there’s not a mistake with the apostrophe…

Fashion IS on Vacation!

Welcome to Fashion’s On Vacation, a blog dedicated to travel fashion and style.  Inspired by glamourous images of early air stewardesses, Fashion’s On Vacation is all about injecting a touch of glitz and sparkle back into travel.The notion of a vacation is one of indulgence. A little bit of ‘me time’. It’s a chance to be carefree, if only for a short while.

A vacation is also an opportunity to wear clothes you may never ordinarily have the chance to wear. A chance to be a little more daring, fun and adventurous with your attire.

However, thanks to luggage restrictions and general matters of practicality, packing a suitcase also involves careful curation of key pieces and a minimalist approach.

One of the exciting things about taking a trip is knowing that anything can happen, that you can create a new chapter in your life story. Fashion plays a key role in that story.

Whether you’re daydreaming about the setting for your next escape or looking for some wardrobe inspiration, this blog contains an assortment of ideas and suggestions for a vacation that oozes style and romance.

So book a ticket, set your email to auto-responder and Explore. Dream. Discover. (In style of course!)

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