Best Travel Luggage & Suitcase Brands 2017

With 2017 well underway and many of us looking out the window dreaming of this dreary winter coming to a end, there is no better time to start planning for the coming year of travel. Whether you are traveling for business or just for a weekend escape, owning the right piece of luggage can set your trip off on the right foot. After all, there is no better way to spoil a trip than find your luggage burst open from a faulty zipper in the baggage claim or have a wheel pop off while winding down cobbled European streets. Finding the right piece of luggage that is light and durable, fits all your gadgets, yet speaks to your sense of style can be a daunting task, which is why we at Fashion on Vacations have made a list of the 2017 Best Luggage Suitcase Brands to help you out.


Knomo travel backpacks modern

Originally from London, but now global, Knomo bags are both stylish and highly functional. Knomo’s modern look and sleek designs are prefect for urbanites and the modern professional who is packing the latest tech. Whether in Tokyo or Paris, New York or Sydney, Knomo bags grab attention and are backed with a 30-day, return-quality promise and a two year warranty. Knomo’s top notch modern lines earn it one of the top spots on our Travel Suitcases Brands of 2017.



From casual weekend getaways to exquisite vacations, Lipault bags are sure to please. Lipaults originated in Paris but cater to more than just fashionistas. Business travelers to casual vacationers can enjoy Lipaults bright summer looks and a variety of color options.



Brics travel duffel suitcase


For over 50 years, Brics has brought fine Italian craftsman to your travel lifestyle and has been a top travel luggage brand for many years on our lists. Originating in Milan, Bric’s collections have unmatched durability coupled with truly Italian style. Brics bags have been a fixture for the Hollywood elite who enjoy Italian quality for every occasion.



tumi business travel luggage

Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous brands on our list, Tumi has been the go to travel accessories brand for the frequent business traveler for years. Reknown for their outstanding quality and multi-year, warranty backed customer service and care, you can be sure that Tumi bags have been refined to perfection. In recent years, their collections have expanded past the frequent business traveler and now offer fashion forward designs and color options.



607281004be01Since 1877, Hartmann has stood out as the definitive purveyor of stylish, yet function American carrying travel bags. From creating gorgeous yet practical trunks and Pullmans for ocean liners and railway travel to the development of smaller, fashionable suitcases designed specifically for modern air travel, Hartmann has been the brand for choice for travelers with taste. Fine material, functionality and stylish designs are tantamount in the Hartmann luggage tradition.


Briggs and Riley


Smart, Savvy and Stylish highlight what Briggs and Riley luggage and suitcases stand for. The philosophy of Briggs and Riley is simple: make a stylish, well-crafted product and that smart travelers love. Briggs and Riley is the only luggage company on the list to offer a no strings attached, lifetime warranty on their products.




German crafted and known as “the original luggage with the grooves”, Rimowa bags offer traditional aluminum cases or light luggage made of the high-tech material polycarbonate, the RIMOWA design is unmistakable due to the groove structure of its case shells. Rimowa are one of Europes leading manufacturers of luggage for a reason. They offer an innovative approach and exceptional demands when it comes to quality.

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