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Fashion Meets Technology: Introducing the iClutch

There’s a new must-have accessory in town, it’s not quite an iPad cover, it’s not quite a clutch…it’s the iClutch!

The internet is such a vital media that we use it in everything we do, or at least I know I do! If I’m cooking a meal, I search online for a recipe. If I’m looking for style inspiration I visit my Pinterest. Shopping, reading the news, catching up with friends or even getting medical advice, I do it all online. Most people do, and we love it! Why shouldn’t we?

Access to the internet means access to all the best news, opportunities and events!

Last year organisers of Fashion Week started streaming the shows live and just like that, anybody is able to sit in bed with a coffee and croissant and have the same visual experience as industry elites sat on the front row. So with Fashion Week going live via the internet and with people buying more and more gadgets to let them access the internet on the go, it was inevitable that before long we’d see a mass of technology related accessories hitting the runway!

Not so long ago it was all about Blackberry bling and designer iPhone cases. Now we’re in awe of another huge trend being walked down the runways and the streets, it’s not quite an iPad cover, and not quite a clutch, it’s an iClutch! I know, I know, how exciting! Just what we need, just as we need it!

So here are our top picks from the runway, the street and of course, the web!

iClutch On The Web

Clockwise from top left:
Sena Borsetta, $149.95,
Newbark, £465,
Christian Louboutin, £465,
Lizzie Fortunato, $506,

iClutch On The Runway

Clockwise from top left:
Victoria Beckham, Spring/Summer 2013
Dries Van Noten, Autumn/Winter 2012
Lanvin, Autumn/Winter 2012
Fendi, Autumn/Winter 2012

iClutch On The Street

Be it on the runway, on the street or online, this is one trend we’ll be keeping our eye on! And with a fabric, style, colour and size for any and all of your fashionable needs, we expect you to be too!

Let us know if you’re an I-clutch owner and loving it, or better yet! Post your photos on our Facebook page and share the love with us!

written by Ashleigh O’Brien
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