Five fun things to do in Phoenix

While it can be unbearably hot come summer, Phoenix is a fabulous place to be the rest of the year. With 300 sunny days and only eight inches of rain annually, those needing a break from the gloomy darkness of winter will find badly needed solace here. So rent an RV Phoenix, hit the open road and check out these five fun things to do.

1) Climb Camelback Mountain

If you are physically active, you may want to consider climbing Camelback Mountain. Once you have gotten set up in your CasaGo in Phoenix, grab plenty of water, set your alarm clock early, and then drive out to the base of this prominent local peak. While it helps to be in decent shape, you’ll be able to make it to the top as long as you give yourself plenty of time. Note: the sun is strong year-round, so don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

2) Explore the Heard Museum

Long before the Americans colonized the Valley of the Sun, this dry and desolate place was sustainably inhabited by First Nations tribes. Learn about their history by spending a few hours wandering the Heard Museum. While this place features plenty of Native art and dancing exhibitions, it doesn’t shrink away from the dark past that has hung over local tribes like a cloud. Inside, you’ll find an exhibition on boarding schools where instructors attempted to assimilate kids separated from their families into ‘American’ society. Heavy as it may be, it is important to right wrongs done to a people who had their land taken from them by outsiders – on this issue, education is the first step.

3) Learn about local ecology at the Desert Botanical Garden

As desiccated as the local landscape is, life has found a way. At the Desert Botanical Garden, you’ll get a chance to learn about flora which has eked out a tough existence in one of the drier places in America. Featuring over 21,000 plants, as well as 139 species which are threatened or endangered, it is home to arid plants sourced from all over the world. Be sure to come back at night, as this institution puts on a spectacular light show for attendees.

4) Take in some pro sports

Phoenix is a big sports city, holding major league franchises in Major League Baseball (Diamondbacks), the National Basketball Association (Suns), the National Hockey League (Coyotes), and the National Football League (Cardinals). No matter how these teams happen to be doing, getting to watch the best athletes in the world do their thing is a magnificent thing to behold. These stadiums are home to their fair share of perks – take Chase Field for example, as it is possible to splash around in a pool just beyond the outfield fence in right field.

5) Work on your golf game

Famous among snowbirds as a great place to go in the winter, Phoenix sees plenty of Northerners playing on its golf courses during the milder times of the year. Troon North Golf Club in Scootsdale is famous for its views off the tees, while The Boulders Golf Course has mesmerizing boulders which may get in the way of some of your shots.

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