Four cool projects for the novice seamstress

Years ago, your mother taught you how to sew. Back then, you were quite the crafter, but between then and now, life got in the way. The time has come to reactivate your skills. To do this, you’ll need a few cool projects to motivate you throughout the process.

In this article, we will share five cool projects that will surprise and amaze your friends.  

(1) Wool Cashmere Throw Pillow

Let’s start with something relatively simple – a throw pillow. At the same time, though, if you’re going to create anything, it ought to be fabulous. Hence, we will create a wool cashmere throw pillow.

Start by ordering some fabric online. Tissura, an online marketplace of haute couture fabrics, offers products such as a luxurious wool cashmere blend. While you are waiting for it to arrive, visit a local sewing supplies store to purchase some stuffing.  

Feel free to pick up some trim as well, as this will add some pizzazz to your pillow. Four straight seams later, and you’ll have a pillow that will look fantastic on your couch!

(2) Baby Quilt 

Is a friend’s baby shower coming up soon?  Steal the show with your very own handmade baby quilt.  To create its distinct, checkered pattern, you will need four or five different fabrics.  Take your time picking them – there are a lot of fun designs out there!

When the time comes to assemble, cut each fabric into equally-sized squares. Be sure to lay them out so that only one square appears per row.  Sewing a quilt can be a labor-intensive process, so set aside an entire afternoon to get the majority of work done.

It’ll be worth it, though, when you see the look on your girlfriend’s face!

(3) Maxi Dress

We’ll be honest – creating clothing can be intimidating, to say the least. However, you’d be surprised to learn that Maxi dresses are stupidly easy to make. They’re made of fabric that is soft and light, making them perfect for these fleeting summer days.

Do NOT be put off by the per yard cost of rayon challis, which is the fabric we’ll be using for this project. Despite costing 28 bucks a yard, you’ll only need $15 worth to create a ravishing dress. Once home, all you’ll have to do is fold it once, and sew the raw edges together. Just like that, you’ll have a summer dress that will make you the envy of your friends.

(4) Tote Bag

Life’s too short to carry your stuff around in an ugly bag. Fix this situation, stat, by crafting your own tote bag. For this project, we will need canvas fabric – this will give our bag the toughness to survive everyday situations.

Don’t despair, though – you’ll find plenty of fantastic canvas designs in online marketplaces. The creation process is relatively straightforward, although you’ll want to spend extra time getting your box corners right. The effort will be worth it, though, as you’ll have something more unique than 99% of the female population. 

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