Fun Things to Take on Vacation

If you’re heading off for a sporting vacation you’ll be busy packing all your sports equipment and planning your days around your chosen activity. These are breaks with a focus, around which everything else revolves. If you haven’t got an activity theme for your vacation, it might not occur to you to pack any entertainments from home, as you’ll be expecting to find all your fun at your destination. But you could be missing a fun trick by not taking a few games or other pastimes on your trip. Here are a few ideas for fun things that could make your vacation even more enjoyable.

Kites, radio-controlled toys and drones

Imagine a beach, or an expanse of open countryside, and think how much fun it would be to fly a kite, or pilot a drone on a scouting mission. For families this can be a particularly good idea, as while the sun lovers can lay back and enjoy the rays, family members who prefer to be active can entertain themselves flying a kite or buzzing over the sand dunes with some RCT beach buggies. That way everyone gets to be together, but spend their time the way they prefer. You can get some amazing kites these days, all sorts of clever designs and levels of difficulty. It might be quite an old-fashioned form of entertainment, but it’s something kids still love to do. For information on drones and the best ones to go for, check out a specialist website like, or have a look at the range of radio-controlled vehicles, boats and planes.

Indoor games

You never know what the day and the weather might bring, or the chance of someone getting sick and not feeling like going out. Or you might just fancy a nice quiet night in, especially if you have children. This is when you’ll be glad of a few board games to add some fun to your evenings. Take games that will appeal to all the member of your party, so nothing too complex for little ones. Some of the best games are the ones like Pictionary that require players to do more than just throw a dice and move counters around the board, and they can provide hours of fun and laughs. A simple, easy to find deck of cards can be used for a wide variety of games, from snap! for the youngest to poker for the adults. It also takes up very little room, which is always a bonus!

Solitary entertainment

Although it’s great to be with your family or friends most of the time, there can be occasions when you feel like a bit of solitude, some time to yourself to really chill out. It’s always a good idea to take some books or audiobooks, or load up your e-reader, and pack a few puzzle books or a portable game device for your me-time sessions.

There will always be plenty to do on vacation, but you can add an extra element of fun and enjoyment to your week with a few well-chosen activities from home.

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