Hair Chalking Ideas & Tricks!

Hair chalking is a great way to temporarily color your hair and will look great for summer to give you that ‘mermaid’ look!

Although the hair chalking trend has been around for a while now, as summer approaches we can’t wait to get the chalks out and add a splash of colour to our hair! It’s great fun and a brilliant opportunity to get creative with your hairstyle, particularly for festivals like Choachella. The best part is it’s temporary and will come out after just a couple of washes, so you don’t have to resort to dip-dye.

Here are some great hair chalking ideas for different hair colours and styles…

In a Braid

Hair Chalking Ideas- Braids
Hair Chalking Braids. (photos from


Hair Chalking Curly Hair
Add more bounce to your curls with chalk


Hair Chalking Ideas Messy Hair
Create a messy do with streaks of colour

One Colour

Hair Chalking One Colour
Hair Chalking with a single colour (photos from

Chalking on Dark Hair

Hair Chalking Dark Hair
Chalking Ideas forDark Hair (photos from

Chalking on Blonde Hair

Hair Chalking Blonde Hair
Ideas for chalking on blonde hair (photos from 

Hair Chalking Tips

  • Lay a sheet down on the floor to catch the chalk dust, wear rubber gloves and make sure you don’t get it on your clothes.
  • For Dark Hair- Spray each section of hair with a little water first so that there will be more pigment and the colour will be more intense.
  • For Blonde Hair- There is NO need to spray the hair with water if you just want it to last for a day – just apply the chalk directly to dry hair. If you’re cool with it staining and lasting for several washes then you can go ahead and wet the hair.
  • Twist a section of hair and apply the chalk directly onto it as you twist. Start with a light colour and work your way to the darker shades/colours.
  • Get creative! You can try using a few different colours, or use different shades from light to dark on one strand.
  • If your hair is damp, wait for it to dry.
  • Use a hair straightener or curling iron on your hair to seal in the colour.
  • Style your hair as normal…et voila!

Where to Buy Hair Chalk

Want to get your hands on some colourful hair chalks? You can use any soft pastels from your local craft store but we recommend you try 
Ombre Hair Chalk at Free People
($14) or UO Hair Chalk Rainbow Set by Urban Outfitters.($14)

Hair Chalking Sets by Free People and Urban Outfitters
Top: Free People Ombre Hair Chalk, Bottom: UO Hair Chalk Rainbow Set

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