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Has Byron Bay Become the New Gold Coast for Schoolies Celebrations?

Schoolies want to go to places for holidays which are exciting and do not restrict them from doing something “stupid”. With the alcohol issue in Gold Coast, students are now looking for other options.

Byron Bay is now being considered as a better alternative than Gold Coast for schoolies celebrations.

Alcohol Use in Gold Coast

Due to excessive alcohol use in Gold Coast, the students started doing crazy things. Paramedics had to treat more than 150 kids who were using drugs or had accidental injuries.

Some students were also seen carelessly riding motorbikes which were dangerous for the pedestrians. A girl aged 17 was taken to the hospital after she crashed her scooter and was clearly under the influence of alcohol.

Some schoolies were also seen standing or sitting on the edge of high-rise balconies. The police had to take serious action against these kinds of kids.

The parents of these children were worried and started looking for a better and safer location. When they found out Byron Bay was a secure place, they were relieved.

Byron Bay is Offering More Safety

Several police officers, a transport command, a dog squad and a riot squad are all present in Byron Bay to provide more protection to the schoolies who are visiting the town for vacations.

In recent years, Byron Bay along with Lorne, Fiji and Bali have become a common place for students to celebrate their holidays. More and more teenagers are now opting for Byron Bay rather than going to Gold Coast.

The mayor of Byron Shire Council says that it his job to look after all the people coming into the town. This is an encouraging statement for the schoolies who are looking for a good place for their holidays.

Accommodation is also cheaper in Byron Bay as opposed to Gold Coast where the prices are high. If you are looking for a reasonably-priced package for your vacation in Byron Bay, can help you in this regard.

The parents also feel less concerned by letting their students go to Byron Bay. The council spends extra money to provide more lifeguards on the beach. It also makes sure that there is proper cleaning of different areas and sufficient lighting for night time.

Apart from providing security, Byron Bay is a quite attractive place. The soft sand on the beaches and the beautiful coastline look wonderful. You can sunbathe on the warm beaches and surf along the clean and clear water.

The people at Byron Bay are friendly and helpful. They try to accommodate the large groups of students in the best possible way. These people make sure that the schoolies enjoy their vacation as much as they can.

Byron Bay is indeed becoming the new Gold Coast for schoolies who want to celebrate, party and have a fun time.

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