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How much does it cost to travel the world?

Trying to see every country in the world is a tall order, but you can get pretty close with a round the world trip. Taking a year out and hopping from country to country is a great way to pack as much travel in as possible, but it’s going to cost you. It’s hard to know how much it’s going to be because it all depends on what countries you go to and what you do when you get there. There are all sorts of variables but you can get a ballpark figure if you add up all of these different costs. Here’s what you’ll have to pay for and a few tips on finding the money.


how much does it cost to travel the world

Plane Tickets

The tickets are going to be a big expense, but they might not actually be as much as you think. They’ll be far less than the separate costs of each journey added together so if you’re using that method to get an estimate, you’re way off the mark. It should be somewhere in the region of £2000-£3000. You can cover those costs if you get borrow a bit of money. If you’ve got a bit of a shaky financial history you can still get poor credit loans to cover the flights. Once you’ve paid for the travel itself, you should be able to get everything else on the cheap. You can also save a lot of money if you’re a regular traveler and you’ve got a lot of air miles saved up.


Accommodation is the area where you can make the biggest savings but it all depends on the kind of travel experience that you want. You can save a lot of money if you opt for incredibly basic hostel rooms that you can find for under £15 a night, but if you can’t do without your luxuries then you’re going to be looking at something close to £100 a night for a decent hotel. What most people decide to do is use cheaper accommodation for the bulk of the trip and then stay in luxury hotels every now and again. That way you can keep costs down but still have a comfortable stay during your trip.

Food And Drink

Food and drink is one of the costs that will vary a huge amount depending on where you are. In Asian countries, for example, you’ll be able to get a lot of cheap, delicious street food so your costs will be low. However, if you’re somewhere like Italy or France, the food is going to be a lot more expensive. There are still cheaper options but if you want to experience the best of the local cuisine you’ll have to pay for it. When you’re planning your trip, try to take this into consideration. Don’t set a route that only hits countries with expensive food and drink, try to get a good mix in there so you aren’t spending huge amounts of money on meals. In the cheaper countries, you can budget around £5 per person per meal, and in the more expensive places, it’ll be nearer to £30 per person.

When you add up all of the costs, the price can be anywhere up to £30,000 for the most expensive trips, but you can bring that price down by quite a bit with some clever planning.

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