Looking for the Perfect Holiday Destination? Check out Provence

Provence can be the best place for you and your family to spend holidays and we have reasons to prove this. We believe that it won’t take much of our effort to persuade you that Provence is worth a visit. This is because that France is one of the countries in the world that is famous for tourism.

One of the reason that you should plan for walking holidays in Provence is that it offers a great taste of culture. Provence has some of the beautiful historic cathedrals, ports and stunning views that will attract you like a magnet. Besides these historic places, Provence is famous for its old towns and mountains. Spending your holidays in Provence will provide you with the opportunity to know about the fascinating history of France.

Art and Cycling

Provence in France is supposed to be a paradise for artist on earth. By giving a glance to the region you can understand that why writers and artists are preferring this place over centuries. Many artists are obsessed with this place and you will experience it by staying there. Provence has something for everyone and specially for vintage lovers. Vintage and retro lovers should plan their holidays to the Provence in order to explore the flea markets that happen all over the region.

Nature and Culture


For those who loves to spend time with nature should consider Provence in France. It has a perfect combination of spectacular sceneries, expansive forested areas and breathtaking mountains. These are the ideal places for those who love to travel while walking and hiking. For adrenalin seekers, Provence can be the best options best there are places where they can engage themselves in the activities that will leave their heart racing and blood pumping.

Historically Provence is also very famous. Who don’t know about the Eifel tower in France. To be more specific with the Provence, it has few jewels of its own where history fans can spend time. Aix cathedral in the Provence is a roman building and architectural wonder in Provence that you should go and watch.

Basilica is another religious building that deserves a visit and in addition to this there are several galleries and museums that are attracting people for years. The south of France is the best place for short breaks and long summer holidays. So grab your map of Provence in France and give yourself a chance to enjoy a wonder full holiday.

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