Love On The Brain: How To Feel Gorgeous On Your Vacation With Your Partner

Is there anything better than going away for a weekend with your partner? You get to spend time with him, leave your kids at home under the loving care of a babysitter or your mom, and rekindle the romance in your relationship. If you’re a parent, you’ll probably know that it can be hard to keep that spark alive between you when you’re exhausted from night feedings, you have a toddler who always wants to crawl into bed with you, and half your conversations revolve around which preschool you should pick. But it’s important to make sure that you maintain the romance between you so that your relationship stays as strong as you want it to over time.

Plus there are loads of health benefits of traveling – it boosts immunity, lowers stress levels, deepens your empathy and strengthens personal relationships.

Here are some tips to help you feel gorgeous on your weekend away so you make a big splash with your partner…

Couple sitting on rocks looking at the view

Start Preparing The Day Before

If you’re parents then you might find it hard to take out much time for yourself to get a fake tan or holiday haircut, but the truth is that it’s easy to prepare if you do it every now and then over the course of the day before. Run a razor over your legs during your morning shower, exfoliate later in the day, sneak away during your kids’ afternoon naps to pack and try to tame the caterpillars that have taken up residence over your eyes instead of your old perfectly groomed eyebrows.

How to Feel Gorgeous on Vacation

Buy A New Item Of Clothing

One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to buy a new item of clothing that you love. You don’t have to break the bank – but you could get some heels that you know make your legs look incredible, a swimsuit that supports you perfectly, a new dress that you’ve been saving for a special occasion, and you could even invest in some new underwear from Victoria’s Secret. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go broke trying to look good – you can use these Victoria’s Secret Coupons to make sure that you don’t have to pay too much. Your new underwear will also give your body a fantastic silhouette underneath your clothes. You could also try out some new skincare to make yourself glow – but make sure that you’re not allergic to it. Hives are really not a great vacation look!

Couple Kissing on Vacation

Ditch The Kid Talk

Finally, while you’re actually away together, it’s important to make sure that you talk – and not about your kids. A lot of parents tend to get stuck in a rut talking about their children all the time, but you need to remember that you got together for different reasons – you make each other laugh, you have similar goals and ambitions, you have a shared worldview. Talk about books you’ve read or books that you’d like to have time to read, about current events going on in the world, about movies you should watch together and vacations that you should take. Talking about the contents of your baby’s diaper earlier in the day might be something that you do on other occasions but on vacation it’s time to focus on the two of you, the beauty of where you’re staying, and on the connection you share.

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