Swing through the trees: Most luxurious Tree House Hotels

Fed up of your typical hotels? Then why not branch out and embrace your adventurous side as you swing through the trees like Tarzan in the most luxurious tree-house hotels. Escape to the skies and the only noise you will be hearing is the sounds of the wildlife and not a child’s tantrum in ear shot.

Feel somewhat apprehensive about relaxing in the wild? Then do not fear because we’ve handpicked the top three most luxurious tree house hotels for you to satisfy your childhood dreams of your very own treehouse.

Tsala Treetop Lodge, Plettenberg Bay, Africa

Tsala Treetop Lodge is set amidst the treetops of an age-old indigenous forest, making this a unique hideaway with unforgettable views. Relax and unwind in the comfort of your private birds-eye lodge equipped with infinity pools and flat screen TV’s. Tsala is ideally situated between the coastal towns of Knynsa and Plettenberg Bay so if you feel too secluded in the lavish luxury of your lodge then you can explore the culture of the towns nearby. Whatever you do, be it lounging by the pool or hiking through the forest, this location is sure to take your breath away.

Tsala Treetop Lodge

Tsala Treetop Lodge

Tree Hotel, Sweden

Treehotel takes unique to the whole next level. It’s the modernistic approach to the ancient forest. Constructed by leading Swedish architects, the treetop suites have completely different futuristic designs and all boast majestic views of the valley of the Lule River. There are a variety of innovative tree houses for you to choose from all of which are eco-friendly. Relax in the Mirrorcube with the ultimate privacy as you are camouflaged by the mirrored walls that reflect the surroundings. Or nestle into a giant birds nest and be completely at one with nature. If privacy is not what you are looking for then be bold and lounge about in The Blue Cone. Deceptive by name it is actually a post-box-red wooden house and caters for four people, so escape to the trees with your friends or family and share your experiences as you swing from the branches.

Feel like the Treehotel is like something out of this world, then you are right; curl up in the UFO tree room for an extraordinary experience, which is cast in durable composite material. If you’re a big kid at heart or want to take your children, this room is perfect for science fiction fanatics and space dreamers. Vacation in the winter to the Treehotel resort for the northern lights by dog-sled ride and ice-fishing or alternatively visit in the summer for canoeing and horse riding.

Tree Hotel Birds Nest

Tree Hotel Mirror Cube

Chewton Glen, Hampshire

At Chewton Glen you can venture far from everyday life as you float on your private balcony high amongst the trees. You’ll experience the decadence of the English countryside with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a terrace equipped with a hot tub where you relax and soak up the tranquil setting. You don’t even have to worry about breakfast as each morning a hamper appears on your door step. If you do fancy stepping out of your private quarters then you can play a game of croquet on the lawns of the hotel or indulge in a quintessential English cream tea available in the hotel. English luxury at its finest.

Chewton Glen Treehouses

Chewton Glen Treehouse

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