Moving Plan For Your Business This Year

Unlike when you’re moving from one home to another, there’s a lot at stake when you’re moving your business. Aside from looking for reputable and cheap moving companies NYC, you will have a lot on your plate once you decide to move; you need to make sure that all of your employees will cooperate and your customers are well-aware of the move. As a business owner, you have the responsibility in doing all of these even if you’re going to hire movers NYC. Fortunately, a moving plan for your business can make this task easier for you. 

A plan is essential whenever you’re moving your business. You need to make sure that all your business equipment is brought in your new location without losing customers and profit. Since time is money in business, you have to work on getting back on track as soon as possible. Here are some planning tips for your business move this year:

1.    Create a timeline. 

As mentioned, time is an important factor when you’re moving your business to another location. If you take so much time moving and unpacking, you’ll likely lose customers. To steer away from this direction, create a timeline which includes all of the essential phases of the move. Since you won’t be moving alone, discuss the timeline with all of your employees or the people who will assist during the move. Moving can be a fast process when everyone is on the same page. 

If you only have a small office, three months is more than enough time to prepare. If you have a bigger office, allot at least six months. Regardless of the size of your business or office, the key is to start as early as possible. 

2.    Envision and design the new space. 

Once you’ve chosen a new space to rent or buy for your business, get all the available information. Ask about the floor layout or blueprint of the area. This will give you the chance to plot the items you’re going to bring and assess if all of these will actually fit. This is also a great way for you to layout key components of the office space such as the storage space and electrical outlets. When you envision and design your new space early, you’ll have enough time to call for repairs and replacements. 

3.    Build your moving team. 

Having people to help you during the move can make the task easier. However, if your business is made up of at least a hundred people, letting everyone help can be chaotic and stressful. This number of people can be very challenging to handle. To avoid any inconvenience during your business move, build your own moving team. Depending on the size of your business, you can appoint members of your team or ask for volunteers. No matter what technique you’re going to use, just make sure that every member of your team is more than willing to help. 

4.    Conduct regular meetings. 

Communication is vital for your business move. This is especially true if you’re expecting a lot of people to help during the move. Set regular meetings with your moving team and allow everyone to discuss the progress they’ve made for the move. Regular meetings should also be used as a platform to solve problems and address concerns. Moving can be stressful and neglecting the importance of communication can make everything worse. 

5.    Determine your budget. 

Money is important when you’re moving. Even if you’re only a small scale business who is going to move within the same city, you will need to shell out a certain amount of money. To avoid experiencing any financial turmoil because of the move, determine a budget and make sure that you stick to it. Depending if you’re moving on your own or with the help of professional movers, you might need to prepare a smaller or bigger budget. While you’re at it, don’t forget to allocate money for emergencies. 

6.    Assign tasks. 

You’ll have a lot of to-dos once you decide to move your business. If you have experienced moving from different houses, for sure, you’d know what the required tasks are. If you want all of these tasks to be accomplished effectively, assign tasks to the members of your moving team. You can consider the member’s availability and skills when assigning tasks. 

Preparation Is Key

Moving your business to another location can be exciting because it can signify growth and success. However, if you want this move to be smooth and hassle-free, you need to plan what you should and shouldn’t do. As much as possible, you should forecast possible problems which can happen during the move and come with the necessary solutions. The more prepared you are, the easer it’ll be for you to manage roadblocks along the way. 

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