Mile-High Manicure: Jet off with MW Nails

Inspired by the glamorous days of 1970s flying, MW Nails is a nail bar with a difference. This themed nail bar features real airline seats, cabin windows and nail technicians dressed as cabin crew! Best of all, there’s no passport required!

Nail Bar with a Difference

There’s no need for a passport to get this high flying experience; all you need to do is head over to their salon in Old Spitalfields, London.

MWNails London

MW nails offers you the decadence of 1970’s air travel with 100% authentic Boeing interiors, including First Class seats from Air France.  You can choose one of over 30 nail treatments in this luxury nail airliner with cabin crew nail technicians; it’s a non-stop flight to nail paradise.

Plus there’s no need to reach for the oxygen masks as there is a filter on each nail station that filters out the noxious fumes!

MW Nails London

Forget waiting around in security and duty free just grab your boarding pass and buckle up and prepared to be pampered. Enter the departure lounge, search for your destination. Are you in it for the long haul or short? For those long far away destinations choose 101 The Mile High. 101 minutes of pure self-indulgence for both your hands and feet and even paraffin wax is used to give you super soft skin.  However for those quick stops opt for 19 Rapid Rio a quick spruce up of your nails with a lavish stroke of polish and OPI’s Avoplex moisturiser and you reach your destination in under 20 minutes for just £19. This will be the one flight you’ve been on that won’t dry you out and make you feel like you’ve developed a cold instead you’ll be completely rejuvenated in-flight.

MWnails Nail Bar

The quality is definitely a league above RyanAir, but you won’t have to pay private jet prices as MW nails gives you the quality assurance of 1st class but at economy prices. So let’s fly high with no turbulence and have a  bit of luxurious me time as you escape to a far off nail land with MW nails.

mwnails London nail bar

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