Perfect Summer Beach Hair!

[box]There’s nothing like sexy, tousled beach hair. It looks so carefree, yet maintaining the perfect summer beach hair requires more effort than you think. Here are some products that will help you achieve beautiful wavy locks and protect your hair from the sun and salt water.[/box]

Summer comes along and there’s something about the sun that lets us throw away all our style inhibitions! As if over night, and without even noticing, bangs are grown out past our cheekbones and the GHD’s haven’t seen a whisper of hair in weeks!

So what does the summer mean for our hair? It means effortless styling, air drying, casually tousled waves and the more recently appreciated messy up-do. Then again… It can also mean sun bleached locks, dried out ends, harmful UV rays and a whole host of nasty chemicals like chlorine that are intent on damaging your hair!

Not to worry though! For each of these little nasties, you’ll find a hair care product perfect for you and perfect for maintaining beautiful summer hair!

Gillian Zinser Summer Beach Hair

Gillian Zinser is a serious advocate of the Beach Wave and the go-to-girl for summer style inspiration! When asked by COMPANY magazine what her Beach Beauty Must-Have was she told them,

[quote]”As I’m mad about SPF, I also use it on my hair. My hair is really dry and brittle so I started using SPF to protect it from the salt water and sun.”[/quote]

In the past couple of years we’ve been introduced to a world of hair tutorials on media sites such as Youtube, but where all the heat styling and twisting and curling in the world can still fail for so many of us, there are a few fool-proof products out there that with a little experimenting and some age-old tricks will give you beautiful, SPF protected beach hair in no time at all!

Products for Perfect Summer Beach Hair

For those of you who like your water sports, Ouidad Sun Shield Sun & Sport Leave-in Conditioner ($20.00)  is a One-Stop formula set to protect your locks from harmful UV rays, salt, chlorine and wind, protecting your waves from the elements and keeping your colour intact!

If you’re lucky enough to have natural waves, then try applying Frederic Fekkai Beach Waves spray ($25.00) to dry hair for instant lift and bounce! Or use Tommy Guns Clever Curls & Waves Texture spray (£6.50) on damp towel dried hair, packed full of seaweedy goodness this spray will revive limp kinks and bring about playful waves and sea-side tresses.

For beach blown tresses and fine hair apply Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray (£20.50) to dry or damp hair and allow to air dry (or blow dry with a diffuser) for  sexy, salty, windswept waves. This one is great for adding extra body to fine hair!

And when you forget to protect, don’t forget to use Redken Colour Extend Sun After-Sun Mask (£20.30)! The mask with all its happy ingredients with restore your hair from sun damage while detangling, conditioning and protecting your hair from future aggressors!

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[box]Written by Ashleigh O’Brien[/box]

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