Shake up your daily routine with this exciting Asia Pacific travel itinerary


Getting bored with your life at home lately?  Even if you can’t travel the world perpetually, one should be open to various travel itineraries that can be acted upon when the opportunity arises.

If you have always dreamed of seeing some of the cities of the Asia Pacific rim, this travel plan might be of interest to you…

Auckland, New Zealand

Begin your Asia-Pacific excursion in Auckland, New Zealand. There are many wonders to behold in this Polynesian country, but it is by far the most expensive of the lot, so it is best to visit this country when your bank account is at its most robust.

In this cosmopolitan city, the nightlife is by far the best in the entire country. From classy lounge bars, to pubs where you can hang with college students, business people, and tourists alike, there are plenty of places where one can start their trip off with a tipple.  

Don’t forget to stop by the Sky City Casino as well, as it is home to some of the hottest gaming action in New Zealand. From poker to roulette to the many slot machines found in its pit, there is no end to the number of ways you can spend up a small amount of money into a bigger amount of money in a relatively short period of time.

They may even have a Lord of the Rings game on their floor, so be sure to pop in while you are exploring downtown Auckland.  

When the time comes to leave Auckland, make for the endless beaches of Northland, the sulfur hot springs of Rotorua, or catch a short flight to Queenstown, where you can experience some of the best adrenaline activities that can be found anywhere in the world.

Macau, China

Make the first Asian destination in your tour Macau, as not only will you get a small taste of China without having to apply for a visa beforehand, but also because there are many entertaining attractions located in this small island city state.  

Sample its signature egg custard tarts and pork chop buns (It’s a pork chop. In a bun. Cool, huh?) while walking its colonial Portuguese streets, and take in historic sites such as the ruins of the old St. Paul’s Cathedral and the A-Ma Taoist temple, but don’t leave this territory without setting foot inside one of its glitzy casinos.  

We personally recommend the Grand Lisboa, as its audacious exterior only sets you up for its even more ornate interior.

The usual assortment of casino games can be found within, but you should know that Macau slots are known for being wildly inventive and futuristic (and according to some unconfirmed sources, a bit on the loose side), so insert a 20 Yuan bill and take some spins … you might just get lucky!

Bangkok, Thailand

When there is a song dedicated to spending a wild night in this specific city (One Night in Bangkok),  you know that you will be able to find excitement in Bangkok fairly easily.  

Certainly, one can find many bars and pubs that will allow you to revel from sundown to sunrise along well-known stretches of Khao San Road and Sukhumvit Road, but even if nightlife isn’t the be all/end all of your existence, there’s plenty more to love about this Asian Megapolis.  

Being a crossroads of the world, exclusive restaurants featuring every conceivable global cuisine can be found throughout town, dozens of shopping malls contain everything or anything you could possibly buy, and the other parts of the city are sprinkled with countless temples that are monumentally important to Thai Buddhism.  

Used as a hub to access the rest of the Land of Smiles, a few days spent in Bangkok is only the beginning to one of the most exciting portions of your Asia Pacific travel itinerary.

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