Stay In Shape While On Holiday

Not losing sight of our fitness and weight loss goals while on holiday can be a huge challenge. When we go on holiday, we often indulge in rich and creamy foods and we tend to not exercise as much as we should. But staying in shape doesn’t have to be a complicated matter, as a few simple steps can be taken, such as training efficiently, prioritizing sleep and taking a few supplements. If you want to get the perfect supplements for your unique body, but don’t know what sources to trust, reading reviews might be the answer. For more reviews, check out Research and You.

Eat A Lot Of Fat

By loading up on delicious, healthy fats, you will feel fuller for longer – keeping you from binging on carbs and sugars. You can ask for extra olive oil or butter with meals and for extra avocado when having lunch and breakfast. Carry around snacks such as dark chocolate or macadamia nuts and choose fattier dishes such as pork knuckle or beef stroganoff to keep you satisfied throughout the day.

Make Your Training As Efficient As Possible

If you want, put together a really conservative training plan or goal before you go on the trip – aim as low as possible, so that anything extra is a bonus. You probably need a break when going on holiday and you should, therefore, take it easy. High-intensity interval training can be a great workout to incorporate as they are usually short and sweet and can be even more effective than long cardio workouts.

Walk As Much As You Can

Walk everywhere you can – this is a great way to see new places, it’s free and it will keep you in shape!

Make Sleep A Priority

So many people are sleep deprived and have poor sleeping habits and it often gets worse when traveling. But we don’t want to feel exhausted when returning from our vacation and we should, therefore, not compromise sleep. Try not to book any early morning activities or flights as this might just add stress. Sleep in and relax – you’re on holiday! You can also wear earplugs and wear an eye mask at night to ensure you get restful sleep.

Take Some Supplements

Taking supplements while on holiday can be a really great help. Multivitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes (this will help with digesting the unknown foods of the local cuisine), activated charcoal (it binds to any toxins in your stomach and is therefore ideal when you are bloated) and essential amino acids (helps with nitrogen levels and minimizes muscle breakdown) will keep you supported throughout your travels.

Make The Best Alcohol Choices

We often drink way more while on holiday than when at home. Expect this to happen and be prepared! Try to opt for low carb alcohol options, such as dry white wine, whiskey, tequila or vodka.

Support The Local Grocery Store

Try not to rely on restaurants for all of your meals as there tend to be so many things that you can’t control. You can buy healthy, convenient snacks or even prepare yourself a wholesome sandwich with fresh ingredients when buying at the grocer.

Don’t Forget To Eat

We often tend to skip meals while traveling as we easily lose track of time. At first, this might seem harmless, but this might cause you to overeat with the next meal. The best way to avoid cravings or binges is to eat every 3-5 hours.

Drink A Lot Of Water

Make sure to stay hydrated as we often mistake thirst for hunger. If you want to know whether you are hydrated or not, check the color of your urine. If you are well-hydrated, it will be a clear or pale color.

Don’t Worry

Remember that your mindset can have a huge impact on your overall experience. If you worry about your weight and fitness goals for the duration of the trip, it will definitely not be a pleasant experience. Know that you won’t be able to keep up your usual eating and training regimes and accept it! Relax and take a break – you can continue as usual once you are back at home!



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