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Stress Free Travel is Possible in 2018

The lure of travel is undeniable – the thrill of discovering a new favourite bar down a quiet side street, the allure of colourful backgrounds for those all-important Insta-snaps and the memories you carry Home with you. But actually getting to your destination can be a different story. From endless queues to inconsiderate fellow travellers, the journey can provide a lot of frustration. Here’s how to minimise that and focus on making your trip the most amazing ever… 


Add on Extra Time

Tempting as it is to think you’re already spending enough time there, if you can plan to allow more time for the least glamorous part of travelling then do. While airports are not the most comfortable place to hang out, most of them at least now have charging points for electronics and some free wi-fi. So plan to get there an hour before you need to at the very lease. Even better consider staying somewhere close the night before, like Econo Lodge Inn and Suites Airport, to eliminate stress about travel to the airport to catch an early flight.

Pack Smarter

Reduce stress around missing or delayed luggage by learning to pack light and reduce the clothes you have for a small carry on case that you can stash in the overhead locker. Keep your passport, boarding documents, phone, wallet and keys in a smaller cross-body bag that you can pull out and access easily. Consider a soft bag rather than a hard sided roller case as it’s easier to make it fit into crowded overhead locker. Keeping your things with you also means no hanging around waiting for the luggage carousel with hordes of other passengers. And that has to be a bonus!  

Negotiating a Taxi

Travel once you land may revolve around taxis, and if there’s a language barrier that can be a potential problem. A little research before reaching your destination can go a long way. Plan out a route from the airport using Google Maps and screenshot the results in case of no signal or wi-fi. Don’t be afraid to state that you want the quickest route to your driver and have an idea of how long the journey takes. Connect with other travellers to find the names of trusted local taxi firms that have a good reputation, or ask at your accommodation for the most reliable.

Picking up Germs 

Often we get ill when we venture to a new country for the first time, and stress around coming down with something in unfamiliar settings can be annoying. Although there’s nothing you can do to 100% prevent getting sick, it is best to practice some basic rules, like using a good hand sanitiser after each time you touch the local currency. Be cautious with your approach to food and keep it very simple for the first few days. Be especially careful around salads and raw but washed veggies. Always take an emergency kit with you containing rehydration salts, painkillers, antiseptic gel, plasters and bandages, just in case of any unexpected emergencies.

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