The Hottest Places to Vacation According to Celebrities

Celebrities are a well-travelled bunch with their luxurious lifestyles and envy-inducing Instagram accounts. It is easy to see why many people want to mimic their lives by wearing similar clothes or heading to the same exclusive resorts, hotels, and countries as them. But what are the current hottest places to vacation to this year?


Fans of Crazy Rich Asians rejoice, with Singapore being an incredibly popular city to visit in 2019. Many celebrities have vacationed here long before the film, but Singapore’s popularity just keeps soaring with its exclusive vibes and luxurious accommodation and activities.

You’ll find that stars such as Jamie Foxx and Reese Witherspoon have been spotted vacationing in Singapore, so add this metropolitan city to your bucket list. What’s more, you can always keep up with celebrity sightings by heading to The Shade Room. You may ask, what is The Shade Room? It’s your go-to for celebrity and entertainment news so that you never miss an update on your favourite celeb.

French Riviera

A hotbed of celebrities during The Cannes Film Festival, the beautiful and attractive French Riviera is one of the most exclusive places to vacation in France. Head here during the high season, or if you want to miss it, the shoulder season (September – October) is just as lovely. Dreamy destinations, five-star hotels, and exquisite food make this a go-to destination minus the chance of running into Nicole Kidman or Bella Thorne, but the fact that you could bump into your celebrity crush makes this place much more outstanding.

The Hamptons

You couldn’t possibly create a list of the hottest celebrity destination and miss off The Hamptons, could you? This gorgeous beach getaway to Long Island’s South Fork sees a flock of celebrities visiting it each year, so get in on the action! It’s common knowledge that a multitude of celebrities own second, third or even fourth home in The Hamptons, while the likes of Lady Gaga is also known to frequent here, but there are also restaurants that are to die for around the area. Head to Nick & Toni’s, a firm favourite of Brad Pitt’s.


Many celebrities enjoy a visit to Italy, and it’s not hard to see why. Beautiful vineyards, warm, sun-drenched weather and deluxe villas all pop to mind, but so does George Clooney, Nick Jonas, and Emily Blunt. Popular destinations include Lake Como, where you can stay in a luxurious lakefront villa and hope to spot George Clooney and his fantastic wife Amal.


England has many charms such as its quintessential villages and rugged landscape, but London is a celebrity magnet. Not only does the Royal family have a certain draw to Britain’s capital, but Kensington, Shoreditch, and Camden offer a diverse experience with its exclusive restaurants, boutiques and quirky surroundings.

Taylor Swift lives in London part-time with her partner, Joe Alwyn. Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were also recently spotted in London, too. Many British celebrities also live in London, so keep an eye out for them. 

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