Tips for the Perfect Bikini Body

We’ve all been there: you’ve booked a vacation to a sunny destination and purchased a few dazzling new bikinis, but you’re not so sure about exposing your lumps and bumps.

Do not fear, because we’ve put together some top tips for the perfect bikini body! If you want to get your bod looking fit and toned, here are some exercises and diet tips to get you ready to hit the beach (or pool)!

Exercises for a summer body:

Sets, reps and gym equipment is certainly not for the faint at heart and sometimes the tedious lifting of weights can feel like more trouble than it’s worth. Which is exactly why we found some new ways to get toned while having fun.


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Arguably one of the best ways to exercise while having a ball. Zumba cleverly uses beats and dancing to activate and sculpt the body’s muscles in one of their ‘fitness-parties’. What’s more is that you can either follow along at home or join a class if you need to surround yourself with people for motivation.

Nike Training Club And Nike Running

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Perfect for those of us who like training in the comfort of our homes. The Nike Training Club combines cardiovascular and toning drills for weight loss and sculpting. Even better, is that you can download the app on your smartphone, so you always have it with you. Similarly Nike Running tracks your distance, speed and time –  so you can easily check your improvement.

Tone it up

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Two beautiful, healthy best friends showing you how it’s done by turning exercise into fun outdoor activities. From beach workouts to triathlon training, these girls are forming a community of health conscious women by providing training and dieting tips.


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Casey Ho’s POP Pilates videos are absolutely amazing for a fun workout. Pilates is especially helpful for people who might struggle with joint problems or heart conditions. It might not seem tough, but it activates your core muscles for the ultimate burn.

Eating for a summer body:

A healthy diet is vital. Not just for vitamins and other nutrition your body needs to thrive, but to ensure you’re calorie intake isn’t exceeding what you’re shedding through exercise.

A great application for keeping track is MyFitnessPal, which allows you to add your meals for a calorie total. It also tells you how many you’ve earned by exercising.

If you’re following a Weigh Watchers program, they’ve also got a great app for smartphone.

Valuable tips for a summer body:

Green Smoothie Ingredients
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Reduce your sugar consumption– Avoid the sodas and fizzy drinks because they are loaded with sugar. Even those supposedly healthy fruit smoothies are full or sugars! Stick to water, or sparkling water if you prefer. Coconut water is also a great option as it is full of electrolytes and very low in calories, plus it tastes delicious!

Instead, drink a green smoothie or two- Use this great smoothie recipe as a starting point.

Eat Regularly– Eating six small, healthy meals a day will help speed up your metabolism and keep the weight down.

Consume plenty of lean protein– Protein is a must when you’re training – mostly to avoid burning the muscle you’ve worked so hard for. Include plenty of chicken, fish and eggs in your diet and try a whey protein powder. We like Isopure the most.

Avoid processed foods and say yes to clean eating– We’re big fans of the paleo diet, which basically involves eating like a caveman (or cavewoman) would have done back in the day. Forget the candy, the pasta, the bread and the fast food; say hello to veggies, nuts, leafy greens, meats and fish.

Vary your cardio- ie. running, cycling, swimming. This way you’re always challenging your muscles, which will shape them faster.

Stretch it out– Remember that stretching is one of the most important rules of training – you don’t want to pull a muscle.

Most importantly, you define perfect – shaping your body is about being healthy and happy. How do you get ready for slipping into your swimsuit? Send us your top tips for getting bikini-ready!

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