Top 5 New Year’s Eve Destinations

Written by Zoe Cuthbertson

It’s one month into the New Year and probably safe to say you’ve already broken your diet, called your ex and given up training for the London marathon. Instead of wallowing in regret over failed resolutions remember there’s always next year…so start planning to see out 2013 in style!

Here’s the low-down on how to spend your countdown this new New Year with our pick of the top 5 New Year’s Eve destinations in the world.

5. Paris, France

Paris Champs Elysees New Years Eve
New Year’s lights in the city of light

Paris is the only city where the popping of champagne corks can be heard in collective unison at the stroke of midnight, and to be honest, is there any sweeter sound? New Years in Paris might seem like a cliché – but to me, New Years Eve is all about a good party, and the French sure know how it’s done! So perhaps sipping flat bubbly under the Eiffel tower isn’t your thing, but it’s Paris darling! The city of love – and if you’re looking for a NYE kiss, what better place to find it? Bonne Annee!

Your last meal of 2013 should be…

What better way than to commit to your resolution to be more adventurous than to tuck into a delectable dish of snails dripping in garlic butter?

4. Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbour New Years Eve
Harbour that party spirit!

Those sweeping white arches, a world-famous firework display and a whole lot of blokes and sheilas to hang out with on the harbour… if you’re looking for a relaxed New Years Eve ‘down under’ is the perfect choice. It’s also the first major city to celebrate – so beat everyone else to the punch and get down like you’re in the Southern Hemisphere!

Your last meal of 2013 should be…

A sausage sizzle, but this would be my last meal period, so maybe I’m a little biased.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland 

Hogmanay Edinburgh
Torchlight procession at Hogmanay in Edinburgh

Not for the faint hearted! Edinburgh’s Hogmanay party, but if you’re willing to brave the youthful revellers and freezing temperatures be prepared to have the night (and day) of your life! With the 2012/13 celebration being their most popular this historical event shows no signs of slowing down.

Your last meal of 2013 should be…

Haggis of course! Just don’t ask for a recipe… you’re better off not knowing the ingredients.

2. Tokyo, Japan 

Tokyo New Years Eve Balloons
Letting off balloons at midnight is a New Year’s Eve tradition

If you did end up running that marathon, that’s great, because you’re going to need some serious stamina to celebrate the New Year in Tokyo with celebrations lasting almost a week! So bust out some karaoke and dance the night away in this incredible futuristic city.

Your last meal of 2013 should be…

Toshikoshi Soba, or ‘New Year’s Eve noodle’, said to represent health and prosperity! Dig in!

1. New York City, USA

Times Square Ball- New Years Eve in New York City
A time honoured tradition- the Times Square Ball

Watching the ball drop on New Years Eve in Times Square is perhaps the greatest worldwide tradition, dating back to 1904. If the bright lights get a bit much, don a pair of novelty 2013 sunglasses, they may come in handy the next day too, for stumbling from your hotel room to find a hot dog vendor.

Your last meal of 2013 should be…

Steak and fries, classic NYC.


photos by late night movie Gouldy99 photojenni Raelene GAtomische on flickr

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