Top 5 spots in Sicily for enjoying breathtaking views

Sicily is one of the best Italian regions for enjoying views, as the island has stunning landscapes throughout that lead your eye to the blue sea. Located to the south of mainland Italy, there is a specific spirit found on the island of Sicily, which you can feel during your time there. There is nowhere else like Sicily in the world, and it is definitely worth a visit. 

Here are 5 top spots to add to your list where you can enjoy breathtaking views: 


Taormina is known for being a luxurious and dreamy hilltop in Sicily. It draws many tourists every year and was even home to the G7 summit in 2017. Head to the public garden for gorgeous views of the city, wander through the town that many visitors find the most breathtaking, and take in the natural views of the Ionian Sea. The Greek Theatre is also a must see, where you can explore the site and take in the panoramic view of the Bay of Naxos and Mount Etna. 

For accommodation, there are many locally owned homes that are available for rent even during short periods of time- websites like Wishsicily for example are very useful for finding villas in Taormina, as well as in the rest of Sicily. It is highly recommended to rent one of these so that you can have the full Sicilian experience, with privacy and space to truly relax and enjoy your holiday. 


Noto is often referred to as the ‘Capital of Baroque’, so if you are a lover of baroque architecture, it is a must see. It is a little town in the southeastern corner of Sicily, where you can wander around the historic center and take in the narrow streets, golden stone buildings and gorgeous architecture. While here, visit Calamosche beach, Riserva di Vendicari, Spiaggia di San Lorenzo, Cattedrale di San Nicolo, Piazza Municipio. 


Erice is a scenic walled city perched on a hilltop, accessible via cable car from Trapani. Visitors are rewarded with panoramic views from up high, overlooking Trapani, the coastline and Egadi Islands. The city has characteristic cobblestone streets with plenty of churches to see as well as two castles. 


Agrigento is known as the ‘City of Temples’, as it is home to The Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage site. In Agrigento, gorgeous historic sites, olive trees, and views of the blue sea surround you. The Archaeological Museum is also worth visiting, as well as the Duomo, church of Santa Maria dei Greci, and picturesque town in general. 


Modica is a Baroque town in southeastern Sicily, situated in the landscape of the Monti Iblei and built around a junction of steep valleys. Consequently, the city is split into “higher” and “lower” Modica by many flights of steps. The lower part of Modica is bustling, while the upper part is the old medieval quarter with the Church of San Giorgio sitting on top of the town, atop a rocky outcrop. There are two grand Baroque cathedrals, stunning views from the Duomo di San Giorgio, and the Belvedere Pizzo. At the Belvedere Pizzo, there are benches where you can sit and take in the gorgeous views over the Modica valleys.  

There are many places in Sicily to enjoy views like these, and it is hard to narrow down the list to only five! 

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