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Viva l’Italia!

There’s a lot that can be credited to Italy. From pasta to pizza and every other amazing food in between, to high fashion in Milan and a history that spans across the country (although it was formerly spanning across empires), there are so many reasons that this place needs to be at the top of your next travel destination list  – even if you’ve already been before.


It’s Easy To Get Around

There is a public transport network in Italy which is a work of art in terms of logistics. There are regular links between major cities and points of interest, which means that you’ll be able to get to where you need to be without trying to overthink about the route or how you’re getting there. The popular app Citymapper will be able to get you around cities within the country that are most likely to attract tourists, such as Rome and Milan. Streets are easily navigable and the offshoots from main road lead to wonderful things such as museums, botanical gardens and chapels which are well worth exploring.

It Has Countries Within The Country

Italy has Vatican City and San Marino housed within, and each one makes for a fantastic day out. Vatican City is famously home to the Pope, and its religious Catholic background can be explore through the architecture and statues that are situated within. San Marino is the location of many envied and picturesque views, with locations such as Mount Titano offering breathtaking examples of natural beauty combined with buildings (such as The Fortress of Guaita).

You Can Hop Over The Border

Depending on where you are in the country, there is the potential to hop over the border to discover more of Europe than you had already bargained for. Italy borders onto Switzerland, France, Slovenia and Austria, so there’s more than just the Italian culture to take into consideration if you fancy taking your adventures on a detour. If you are up towards the Swiss border, you are likely to find some great ski ranges to take advantage of if you want to look into getting in some good physical activity.


There’s Something For Everyone

If you want to go for a city break but are travelling with somebody who would rather take in the rusticness of the countryside, don’t fear – there are both to choose from plus more besides. The views of the hills of Tuscany are celebrated around the world, with Florence and Siena taking the crowns for some of the most beautiful regions to visit. Beaches line the shores at places such as Jesolo, or if you prefer to see water inland then you can stroll along the canals in Venice. Cities such as Milan offer some of the hottest fashions as well as being fantastic places to shop for everything that you need to suit your wardrobe for the coming year, if not beyond. With the rail links being so efficient around the country, you can nip from place to place and change your scenery daily if that’s what you want to do – going from a sandy beach to a snow-capped mountain within 12 hours isn’t unheard of.

The Food Is To Die For

You’ve never tasted proper pizza unless you’ve had one made for you in Italy – and they differ so much from what we’re used to in the Western World. Food in Venice can be enjoyed after a romantic gondola ride along its famous canals, and you may like to sample one of the many famous wines of the Tuscany region whilst venturing around the countryside, such as Montepulciano and Montalcino. But it’s not all carbs that you have to think about when you’re visiting Italy; you’re in the heart of the mediterranean, so expect a lot of freshly-caught seafood, white meat such as chickens, fruits and vegetables to make up the basis of the dishes that you are choosing to eat. Oh, and olive oil – it’s what Italy’s famous for!

It’s A Sightseeing Haven

Anyone who’s anyone has got a picture of them pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa back into place, or pulling a macho pose outside the Colosseum, or perhaps looking out across a landscape that is reminiscent of a beautiful oil painting whilst visiting the Italian countryside. There are so many different points of interest to visit that you’re spoiled for choice. The history that surrounds Italy is one of greatness; everyone has heard of the Roman Empire and its consequences on the world as we know it today. It’s your chance to really delve into the settings for the famous Emperors such as Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Europe provides a great amount of history as it is anyway, but you’ll struggle to find a place where it is so concentrated and easily accessible as Italy.

A Whole Lot Of History

Italy is home to more UNESCO Heritage Sites than any other country in the world. There are 47 different world heritage site attractions for you to visit, ranging from the ruins in Rome to the preserved village of Pompeii, as well as four cultural heritage sites. There is no way that you would be able to pack it all into one trip; even if you visited two per day, you’d still be wearing yourself out after three weeks trying to get around them.

One Big Family

There’s a lot of truth behind the notion that an Italian family has one of the strongest bonds that there is – and you’ll get to experience it when you visit. The Italian culture is one that has an immense focus on the value of sharing, and all they want you to do is experience the good things in life. The Italian people are one of the most welcoming in the world, and to get to share their country (if only for a little while) is to get to feel truly blessed. There is something that can’t quite be pinned down about this country, and visiting it to find out what should never be out of the question.

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