Want to make your travels go smoother? Check out these gadgets…

Love traveling, but not the challenges that come with them? As much as they make for interesting stories, we long for a way to make things go smoother the second time around. In this post, we’ll talk about travel gadgets that will make your life easier while you are on the road.

1) Wireless back-up camera system

Just purchased a recreational vehicle (RV) for the first time? If so, there’s a good chance you’re struggling with the process of driving this unwieldy contraption. Whether it is attached to the back of your pickup truck or you are now trying to pilot a 40-foot long class A motor home, it is not an easy vehicle to learn to drive.

For many, backing up with this massive vehicle is the toughest part to master. Some never get the hang of it, putting their investment (the property of others) at risk of damage. If you find yourself worrying about this late at night, there is a solution that will make this aspect of RV driving much easier – the installation of a wireless back-up camera system.

Models like the TadiBrothers camera give you a clear view of where your back end is headed, allowing you to move in reverse without hitting objects that can cause damage to your RV and the property of others.

It also permits tighter parking jobs, something that is unavoidable in older campgrounds and towns, which were made for smaller vehicles many years ago.

2) Sand-less beach tote bag

If you have gone to the beach in the past, you’ll know that getting fine grains of sand in your things is the absolute worst. They end up getting tracked around the house, find their way into your bed sheets, and even on your hands, creating an unsatisfying ‘crunch’ between your teeth.

Deny these granules one mode of entry to your bags by purchasing a sand-less beach tote bag. Boasting a base crafted from a patented blend of PVC and PE, this material stops the finest grains of sand where cheaper tote bags allows them to infiltrate their interior.

3) Portable wine bag

Wine and camping go together like toast and butter, yet, many hesitate to bring a bottle of their favorite vintage due to the inconvenience of stowing away glass bottles in camp coolers. The portable wine bag fixes this issue, as not only it is configured to fit virtually any cooler on the market, it comes with a pocket where ice can be inserted, keeping your vino as cold as your fridge back home.

With a firm rubber bottom, it stays stable even on a beach towel atop a sandy beach, making it perfect for outdoor dinners in a variety of settings.

4) Portable speakers

As stunning as the scenery can be on your travels, sometimes, it takes a particular song to make things perfect. Make memories with the assistance of a Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker. Queue up a playlist on your smartphone, and when the occasion calls for it, turn on your portable speakers and transmit your songs to them.

Ideal for a day on the beach or an evening at the campsite, this device will help you pump up the fun wherever you go.

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