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What to Pack for your Spring/Summer Beach Break

Knowing what to pack is never easy. It’s even less straightforward when you’re having a beach break. As well as dinners and days out you have to consider beachwear and accessories too. It’s all too easy to over and under pack, leaving you with heavy luggage or not enough. Here are some on-trend essentials to bring with you for your spring/summer beach break. If you’ve got these, you’re covered…

Beauty Products

MAC Makeup


If you’re going on a beach break you may think that you’ll be able to pack light in the beauty products department. You’d be wrong. What you’re not bringing in terms of mascara you’ll need to replace with moisturizer. Skincare is so important, especially on a beach holiday. It’s great to have a getaway in the sun but be mindful of the harmful UV rays you’ll be basking in. The sun is the ultimate frenemy. It makes us feel all warm and happy, but it ages out skin and leaves it dry and dull. Combat this problem by using SPF every day. Opt for a lightweight formula which won’t clog your pores. If you’re wearing makeup use your SPF as a primer, or mix it with a foundation to give yourself a sheer glow with some coverage.

A night cream with retinol in it is another good idea. This restorative ingredient will get to work soothing and smoothing your skin, essential whilst you’re away. In terms of beauty products, pack a sheer to medium coverage foundation for the evenings. A bronzer and highlighter as well as some brown, neutral, and gold eyeshadows and mascara too. This is all you’ll need to create a golden/bronzed holiday look.


Lady in pool with sunhat

This is the part where most of us overpack. To avoid this common problem try and create a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is one which can mix and match to create a variety of looks. For instance, pack a midi skirt in a neutral color that can be paired with vests and off the shoulder tops during the day, and a lightweight shirt of cropped jumper during the evening. For the beach, Burberry swimwear is great. It’s bright and bold and fun, which is just what you want.


What to Pack for Spring/Summer 2017

You’ll need sunglasses. Buy a few pairs, one for the beach and another pair for days out. Try out different frame shapes and styles to find a pair that suits you. Generally speaking, oval shapes are best for longer or smaller faces, whilst squares suit an oval face. Another good travel accessory to have is an envelope clutch bag. These are larger than normal clutch bags and can be used during the evening. Better still, they double as a great stylish document holder at the airport.

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