Where to visit in Majorca if you want a stylish Instagram feed

We have spent hours shopping for the perfect holiday threads. We have a stylish holiday wardrobe that we want to share with the world. However, where can we find the perfect locations. We haven’t travelled to Majorca to share a picture of us in our new outfit outside of McDonalds. I could have popped down to Oxford Circus for that photo. We all know that our Instagram outfit has to look good but so does the background. Instagram is full of stylish travel Instagrammers making us green with envy. When we go on holiday we want to make sure that everyone stuck back home is sick with wanderlust. That’s why I am sharing the best locations on Majorca for your perfect fashion shoot.

Majorca, Spain

Why Majorca?

Majorca is the perfect place to visit in autumn because it is less crowded. That makes taking those photos far easier. We don’t want to be pulling the perfect pose for it to be ruined by a busload of tourists. Majorca is also the largest island in the Balearics and it still has a mild temperature in autumn. That means you can still be modelling those summery dresses in autumn.. Best of all is that it has varied scenery, from a dramatic coastline to a lush and green landscape. So where is the best place to head for a photoshoot?

Serra de Tramuntana

Serra de Tramuntana is a World Heritage Site and perfect for capturing the cultural landscape of Majorca. It is also the perfect place to pose. You will find lots of paths, terraces and walls made from dry stone. There is also a stunning mountain range that is rich in floral and fauna. You will be bound to impress with Serra de Tramuntana as your back-drop.

A Villa 

A villa would make a brilliant backdrop for a photoshoot. You can find some of the best holiday villas on Majorca online. Get online and start researching. This could also be where you stay for the duration of your trip in Majorca. Do you want a pool? Sea views? Get researching and find your dream holiday villa.


You have to visit Palma, Majorca’s capital city. The massive Gothic cathedral, La Seu, would make for the perfect backdrop for your Instagram feed. There are also plenty of moody cafés and tapas bars, that would be perfect for creating the ultimate fashion flat-lay. You will also find pretty streets and bohemian neighbourhoods. Read the Lonely Planet Guide and find where you need to go for pose perfection in Palma.


Escape to Artà and unleash your fashionable side. This pretty little town will look perfect in your Instagram squares. Visit on a Tuesday and you will be able to explore the local market. Walk up to the battlements of the Santuari de Sant Salvador and you will be rewarded with dramatic views over roof-tops and towards the coastline. This little town is every fashionista’s dream. There are also some good caves and beaches nearby.

Majorca has some marvellous spots for a fashion shoot. Fill your Instagram feed with Majorca and watch those likes come in.

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