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World’s most underrated cities you should consider visiting

As a traveller, you’re probably looking for new places to visit all of the time. But where do you get your inspiration from? It’s likely that you’ve heard someone raving about a particular destination, or you’ve seen it on television and want to explore it for yourself. However, there are many cities around the world that go unnoticed, and for no good reason either. Looking for somewhere different and exciting to visit this year? Check out this list of the world’s most underrated cities that you should consider visiting.


Nestled in the heart of England, Worcester is often an overlooked area of the world to visit because of tourists flocking to larger cities like London and Edinburgh. But why visit Worcester? Well, it’s full of natural history in every nook and cranny, including the infamous over-a-century-old car manufacturer Morgan Motors. Situated in a town just off from Worcester called Malvern, you will also find the most breathtaking hills, old style buildings, and glorious gardens to explore. Want to really take in old English history? Worcester is most definitely the place for you!


Most people think of Bulgaria as a third world country, and therefore are put off from visiting. While the country is still in the process of being built, you’d be surprised at how modern and friendly the people are. If you’re visiting a city such as Ravda, you can expect to be greeted with warm smiles at every corner you turn. The people can never do enough for you, and they’re always grateful for your custom. With prices for a pint of beer starting from 35p, you can’t go wrong! Not only that, you can expect 28+ degrees in heat each day and views that will literally take your breath away. Situated on the dead sea, you can expect to return from your trip perfectly tanned, and with super soft and silky skin thanks to the sea air. The great thing about Ravda is that you’re only ever a stones throw from anything you could ever want or need during your vacation? With a plethora of bars, supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacists, money exchanges, ATMs, and even somewhere for the kids to kick back and relax, you’re really going to love discovering Ravda.


Whether you’re a foodie, explorer, collector, or even just a serial traveller, you should definitely consider singapore at least once in your lifetime. This is because of the sheer volume of things on offer, you won’t ever find yourself bored or without something to look forward to! A city that’s rich with arts and culture, you can expect to see beautiful tapestries and an explosion of colour around every corner. The great part about Singapore is that you won’t ever find yourself stuck for a place to stay either, with singapore HDB directory easily accessible, you will soon be snuggling up in one of the cities luxurious accommodations. A little mentioned fact about Singapore is that you won’t have to spend the earth on living either, so you can truly enjoy yourself, experience a new and underrated part of the world, and also not come back broke. Awesome right?!


Salou is situated on the southern coast of Spain and honestly, doesn’t get enough credit for what it can offer. With white sandy beaches, waterparks, market stalls, supermarkets, clubs, bars, and restaurants, you’re always going to find something that will suit the whole family. Salou is also a short bus trip away from the worldwide known football stadium, Nou Camp in Barcelona. Why not book yourself some tickets to see the team play and experience the electrical atmosphere that waves around the stadium? Even if you’re not a fan of football, it’s definitely an experience that you can’t miss out on. Looking for something a little more thrill seeking? Why not head to their house of illusions and be amazed at how much the power of illusion can affect you? Or, if you’re more of the type to lounge in the sun all day, then why not visit one of their fantastic beaches, say Llarga beach? You’ll experience the true meaning of living the life of luxury while lying among palm trees in the beautiful summer heat. Another bonus? Salou is another destination in which you’re not going to be forking out a lot of money for too!


Busan is located in South Korea and often gets overlooked by it’s larger and impressing neighbour, Japan. However, you shouldn’t brush off the idea of heading to South Korea because of its neighbouring countries. In fact, you should break the cycle and head to the city of Busan to experience the incredible tastes that the country has to offer. A city that’s easily maneuvered around by foot, you’ll smell a plethora of delicious foods that you simply won’t be able to resist! You don’t just have to be a foodie to enjoy Busan though, as its packed to the brim with old chinese style buildings, beautiful greenery and all in all, an absolutely stunning place to visit. Don’t forget to take your camera for some all important insta-worthy shots!


So there we have it, 5 cities around the world which are most definitely underrated. Have any of them taken your fancy? Are there any that we’ve missed off the list? Let us know below!

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