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6 Unique & Enjoyable Ideas for Hen Parties

If you’ve been assigned the task of arranging a hen party for your best friend before her wedding, then you better start planning in order to beat all the other hen parties. A hen party for your friend is going to be a memorable day, so you better make it special. And for that you need some fascinating ideas. That’s why here we present to you six most amazing ideas that you can use to make the hen party you’re arranging a knockout.

1- Day Spa

Relax and revive your bodies and escape the menacing sounds of the city for a while. A day spa is the perfect place for you to unwind with your girls before the big day. Experiencing the tranquillity and calmness of a highly professional massage will surely take all the stress away and will get the bride ready for her trip down the aisle.

2- Weekend Getaway

You can plan a weekend getaway or a couple of days away from the city. For the girls who love spending time travelling, a weekend getaway sounds like a perfect idea. You can travel to another city and explore around together, you can rent out a cabin in the countryside, or you can rent a hut on the coast and enjoy the scenery.

3- Book a Cruise

The idea of celebrating hen parties on party boats has gone stale, now is the time to try hiring luxury boats and holiday cruises. You can plan holiday cruise packages which will get you out of the city for a few days, or you can go on harbour cruises for just a few hours. It’s not just about going on a cruise. It’s about enjoying amazing meals and having all the entertainment. You can get more details about cruise packages that are especially arranged for the hen parties at Sydney Princess Cruises.

4- High Tea

High teas might be an old idea, but they still haven’t lost their charm. High teas are still considered one of the best ideas to celebrate a hen party, especially by the elites. The reason is that the high teas are really classy, luxurious and an experience no one forgets easily. You can book a tea room, sip on hot tea, eat cakes and enjoy catching up with your girls while you play table games.

5- Hire an Estate or Gardens

Some of the best estates in Australia allow you to rent their lawns and gardens for picnics and parties. You can do the same when you’re asked to throw a fabulous hen party. Some of the estates even offer you with all the trimmings for your party. You can select the kind of estate you want for your party at Unique Estates. These types of hen parties are for fun loving girls. They arrange exciting outdoor games like giant jenga and toilet paper wedding dress and have the time of their lives.

6- Costume Photoshoot

This is another fascinating idea to celebrate a hen party with all the colourful and vibrant costumes. You can set any theme you want for the party, like vintage or steampunk costumes and have a memorable photoshoot that the bride will remember all her life.

There are so many ways to make a hen party special for your bride-to-be friend. Taking inspiration from the six ideas mentioned in this article can truly make the hen party you’re about to arrange for your best friend an event to remember all your lives.

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