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The Hottest Places to Vacation According to Celebrities

Celebrities are a well-travelled bunch with their luxurious lifestyles and envy-inducing Instagram accounts. It is easy to see why many people want to mimic their lives by wearing similar clothes or heading to the same exclusive resorts, hotels, and countries as them. But what are the current hottest places to vacation to this year? Singapore […]


Deciding on an airport outfit — what should you wear?

With the winter months closing in, you might be considering heading to a warmer climate soon. Once your packing’s done and you know everything’s in check, you only have one more thing to think about: the airport outfit.  What you wear to the airport can affect how you feel on your travels. From feeling on-trend […]

How to take instagram photos of yourself

What Should I Wear on a Cruise?

With the winter starting to settle in, it’s not really a surprise that so many people are choosing to escape the cold on a luxurious cruise! With so many destinations to choose from, more and more people every year are choosing to climb aboard a stunning cruise ship for their getaway. Whether you’re planning on […]


Painting the Town Red in the Top End – Trips to Darwin

Anyone that has spent the last two weeks or so visiting some of the more iconic sites in the Northern Territory including Uluru and Kakadu National Park may be thinking it is time to visit the exciting city of Darwin. Indeed, what could be more perfect than finishing of an exhilarating albeit fairly exhausting tour […]


Want to make your travels go smoother? Check out these gadgets…

Love traveling, but not the challenges that come with them? As much as they make for interesting stories, we long for a way to make things go smoother the second time around. In this post, we’ll talk about travel gadgets that will make your life easier while you are on the road. 1) Wireless back-up […]


Stay In Shape While On Holiday

Not losing sight of our fitness and weight loss goals while on holiday can be a huge challenge. When we go on holiday, we often indulge in rich and creamy foods and we tend to not exercise as much as we should. But staying in shape doesn’t have to be a complicated matter, as a […]