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Happy Glamper: Best Glamping Sites

Some women aren’t made for the wild outdoors. Your idea of fun might not be trekking through muddy brushes for the perfect camping spot, or breaking your manicured nails in an effort to mold the tent into something that would only slightly resemble a dome in the end! Not to mention the dreaded toilet situation…

It’s nothing to be ashamed of and there is a solution – go glamping instead!

Glamorous camping has really taken off. Exchange sleeping bags for plush beds and eating beans from the tin for pain au chocolat and strawberries for brunch! Sound good? Here are some of the best glamping sites in the world…

Hobbit House

This circular wooden roundhouse is a quaint hideaway in Cornwall, with a wood-burning stove and rooftop designed for stargazing. What better way to celebrate a romantic getaway than under the milky way?

It can accommodate five from only £135.00 per night.

Knights glamping at Leeds Castle

From £130.00 per night, the four-poster bed, fur throws and candelabras inside the medieval tents create a stately interior with all the fun of the outdoors. You might even be able to envision Henry Vlll’s entourage staying there in 1520, heading to the Field of the Cloth of Gold in France.

Roulotte Restreat: Devanna

Devanna is a lavish French roulotte adorned in an oriental style with peacock and paisley design. Brass lamps create a warm, homely feel, but the Indian divan and hand woven rugs in the living area make you feel like royalty.

It can only accommodate two, so it’s the perfect romantic getaway from £95.00 per night

La Cabane du Perche

Located in Normandy, West of Paris, this treehouse sleeps two adults and two children – perfect for a family holiday from £126.00 per night.

The abbeys and manors, give the surrounding area a historic feel and you’d even be able to experience it all on horseback tours.


The tree hotel is a bit more eccentric.

With a total of five rooms in the forest around Harads, Sweden all overlooking the Lule River, it’s something to be seen.

The bird’s nest is exactly what is says, a nest big enough to sleep four, camouflaging with the surrounding area.

For the geek in each of us, the UFO room is a perfect match. Made from durable recycled materials, it will abduct you for an ultimate break.

Both are available from 4400 krone – about £502 per night.

Now that glamping is on your to-do list, pick one of our spots or even let us know if you’ve found another favourite!

Written by Renette Van Der Merwe

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