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Canadian Comfort: 5 Outstanding Places to Stay During Your Vacation in Canada

Canada is such a vast country that you are faced with a real dilemma when it comes to deciding where to stay when you visit on vacation.

Whether you like the great outdoors and want to explore the mountains and natural scenery or like the idea of seeing one of the many cosmopolitan cities you have the luxury of having all these options at your disposal.

Here are some of the great places you might want to visit during your Canadian vacation.

A Canadian city with so much charm

There is so much to recommend Quebec, with historic buildings and charming cobblestone streets creating a unique atmosphere.

As soon as you make your way through the fortified walls of Old Quebec you are instantly transported back in time and the French influence is not hard to see when you wander past quaint 17th and 18th-century buildings and the smell of baked bread and bistros hits your nostrils.

Quebec is a real experience and will quickly become a favourite destination.

A chance to witness one of the great natural wonders

Niagara Falls

A visit to Niagara Falls is a true sensory experience as you hear the roar of the water long before you set eyes on this impressive waterfall.

If you stay at somewhere like the Courtyard Niagara Falls you will be a short distance from this major attraction and can plan a day exploring the area, as there is so much more to do besides marveling at the scale and wonder of the falls.

A real mix of the old and the new

Montreal is a real city of contrasts as you can find shiny new skyscrapers sitting almost alongside stunning old buildings that can date back as far as the 17th century.

If you like a bit of retail therapy the Boulevard Saint-Laurent is a first-class shopping destination and there is also that unmistakable French influence to enjoy when you visit Montreal.

Brilliant Banff

Banff Canada

It is almost impossible to leave Banff out of a list of outstanding places to visit in Canada and this amazing destination in the Rockies is highly unlikely to disappoint when you come to Alberta and explore the area.

Banff National Park is perfect for bikers, hikers, and skiers, and it is a beautiful part of the world to simply walk around and enjoy.

Come to the capital

The big cities of Toronto and Montreal are fantastic places to visit and when you look at the geographical location of the nation’s capital city of Ottawa you might think that it was a strange choice as Canada’s capital.

However, this gem of a city definitely warrants your attention and it is a cultural hotspot with lots of things to see and do with your time here.

Whether you decide you want an urban or nature adventure Canada is a country that delivery all those experiences and more, so get planning your adventure and enjoy the experience.

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