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How Do You Plan To Spend Your One Million AMEX Rewards Points?

Are you lucky enough to have one million AMEX reward points? If yes, then you must redeem them wisely!

While your miles and points can take you to your dream trip or most destinations in the world, frequent flyers programs don’t really let you discover the great options easily or let you find best strategies to redeem these points at maximum value.

To help you with that, let us have a look at some great strategies to put your hard-earned AMEX points to achieve a wide spectrum of value.

Redemption through AMEX Travel

This is the most common way to redeem the points. When you redeem your points using AMEX Travel, it gets you more than $15,000 in terms of airfare! Even though you will only get around 1 cent per mile, you can also earn miles or points by making purchases and getting a bit better redemption value.

However, if you don’t want to redeem points to get flights, then AMEX has got some other options for you.

AMEX Promotions

AMEX offers a lot of promotions and lets you make the most of your reward points. If you are not really interested in redeeming your points for flights then you can go with AMEX promotions.

American Express has added a lot of good partners for their members. These partners include Uber, Airbnb, and even McDonald’s. However, if you are looking for more value to redeem one million American Express points then you can transfer to AMEX partners like British Airways.

Use Points for Charges

This is more like a simple cash back option that let you cover eligible charges in terms of the billing statement. However, for this, you need to have a good understanding of all the charges applicable by American Express. The company holds the right to change these charges at any time and without any notification.

While this is not the best way to redeem your millions of points, it is indeed one of the options you can opt for.

Gift Cards

You can also redeem your points in terms of gift cards for shopping, restaurants, rental car agencies, and others. The majority of times, members can redeem points for a one cent per piece but there are some instances where you can get slightly worse as well as better values.

Often times you will get specials that would offer a lot better than just one cent/point may be not significantly higher value. Not to mention, gift cards from various high-end brands like Mandarin Oriental and Four Season yield redemption values of even less than one cent/point.

In terms of other high-value options, you can also transfer points to partner airline and hotel loyalty program to get value from this frequent flyer reward program. To know every detail of your AMEX and another reward program, check out

American Express Membership Rewards offer some valuable options to its members but for this, you must know the ins and outs of the reward program.




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