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How to Look Glamorous after a Long Haul Flight

While a long haul flight often lands us in a glamorous destination, it is also generally a one-way ticket to a state to tired eyes, dull skin and utter style disarray.

After several marathon flights to Australia, the key to maintaining picture-perfect glamour was finally realised: preparation. Here are our tips on how to look good after a long haul flight!

Miranda Kerr Airport Style

Miranda Kerr looking ever so stylish at the airport


The ultimate must on any long haul flight is to keep your body hydrated. Not only is dehydration bad for your health but it can make the skin appear dull and lifeless so make sure to drink as much water as possible both before and during the flight, and avoid taking too many liberties with the free bar!


Though a dry cabin space with less than adequate leg room may not seem like the perfect place for a little pampering, an in-flight beauty regime is a must for maintaining that firmly flawless, fashionable appearance. So pack your toiletries miniatures into your hand luggage and when the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign finally pings off, you can pull out the beauty products. No one wants to be seen in tired make-up so remove your make-up at the beginning of the flight to avoid smudged or exhausted cosmetics. Then get busy with the moisturiser; the more, the better. With the cabin’s drying climate, skin can become easily dull, so make sure to top up with moisturiser throughout the flight.


Long flights mean a multitude of horrors for your hair: it can go flat/ greasy/ static/ just all-round disastrous. So start as you mean to go on with freshly washed and combed hair, in at least an attempt to keep your hair from going completely haywire. Having your hair down will may it far easier to attempt sleep, so keep it down until the end of the flight, and then fashion yourself a loose bun or up-do. Dry shampoo is a God-send in such circumstances so stash a small bottle of this or hairspray in your bag for so much needed styling assistance at the end of the flight.


It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to sleep on an aeroplane, or any form of transport for that matter, but just an hour or two will make a huge difference.


After such an exhausting journey the only way to get over it all, is start from scratch. A quick change of clothes, a light layer of fresh make-up and a swift teeth cleaning, and you are ready to return to the real world.

Written by Hannah Tyrell

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