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Monkey Business: Travel with Kipling Bags

With their iconic styling and cheeky monkey mascot, Kipling bags have become a firm favourite with young and old across the world. From their humble beginnings in Antwerp, Belgium twenty-five years ago, Kipling is now a widely recognised international brand, known for its fun and funky bag designs not to mention its high production standards.

Kipling Alvar Bah

If you have never owned a Kipling bag or Kipling handbag then you are definitely missing out. These well-designed accessories are not only beautiful but practical and fun too. Originally created in their famous durable crinkled nylon fabric, the Kipling range has now been extended to include other quality materials such as metallic polyamide and leather options too.

Kipling bags are available in a whole host of desirable colours and designs. Whether you prefer something bright and bold like a vibrant pink floral design, or a more understated plain black accessory, Kipling has it all. It doesn’t stop at colour choice either – Kipling has such a wide selection of bags you will be spoilt for choice. Their bag range includes anything from travel bags to school bags or beach bags, whilst their handbag range has shoulder bags of all shapes and sizes, able to cater for both minimalists and those who like to ensure their handbag is filled with items for every eventuality!

Kipling Ad

Kipling Bags Ad Campaign

Every Kipling bag comes with the peace of mind that it has been created with comfort in mind. Beneath their trendy styling lies practical design to ensure that above all, these accessories are practical, comfortable and user-friendly. Fitted with durable handles or shoulder straps, each bag also has a secure fastening in the form of a chunky zip or catch which helps ensure the contents of your bag stay where they are meant to be.

Eliza Doolittle Kipling

Eliza Doolittle wearing a G*rilla Girlz bag in Fish Skin.

And how can we forget that cheeky money mascot that Kipling is so famous for? Every Kipling bag comes fitted with an irresistible monkey key ring. Each bag design features a different monkey, cheekily swinging to and fro from your bag handle. Highly collectable, some of these monkeys are real limited edition items and very sought after too. Once you have one, you’ll find yourself wanting another to keep him company!

Kipling bags and Kipling handbags can be purchased from a selection of stockists and there is certainly something to suit just about any budget. So why not take a look and see if you can find a Kipling bag that reflects your personality – we are pretty sure they will have something in their range that is just right for you. Examples of Kipling bags, can be found at

Article written by Heena Chauhan Metaj – Bag Expert.

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