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Vivienne Westwood Designs Virgin Atlantic Uniforms

Virgin Atlantic is taking off…and we are NOT just referring to the Boeings.

Virgin Atlantic has recently announced their partnership with the brilliant Vivienne Westwood for the design of their latest uniform –ready to board in 2014.

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Dame Westwood is essentially responsible for merging punk and new wave with mainstream fashion and has agreed to put a fresh spin on the airline’s iconic red ensemble.  After being named British designer of the year twice and starting up shop with Malcolm McLaren, there is no questioning Westwood’s capability to deliver on this bold challenge.

The decision to redesign came after Sir Branson felt the current uniform was being replicated by other airlines and wanted to stand out from the rest, as Virgin Atlantic have always done.

Virgin Atlantic's 2012 uniform

Virgin Atlantic’s 2012 uniform. Image from The Huffington Post

Vivienne is said to take inspiration from 40’s French Couture cutting techniques for a tastefully fitted ladies uniform that is meant to accentuate the hourglass of a womanly shape.

According to the Virgin Atlantic blog moderator, Maxine, the jacket has emphasizing breast panels, a nipped in waist and curved hip line to boost each figure it adorns – no matter how diverse. The matching pencil skirt has a dart and double pleat in the back for a twist on a seemingly simple skirt.

The male crew members will be kitted in a three piece, burgundy wool suit with dark wool under the lapels – a true Saville Row inspiration.

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Despite a very classic insight, the designs will be contemporary in the sense of being eco-friendly. Made solely from recycled materials, such as yarn fabricated from plastic bottles and scrap leather.

The Virgin Atlantic staff have been famously known for their glamour, but come 2014 and they will be noticed for their dapper suits and chic attire.

And what better way to kick start a fashionable weekend away than to jet off to Milan or Paris with a stylish crew.

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