Aethic Introduces Coral Friendly Sunscreen

Did you know that while sunscreen protects your skin, it doesn’t protect coral?

A study conducted by a leading marine scientist in 2008 showed that sadly most sunscreens kill coral. They activate a deadly virus latent in Algae, which is the primary food source for coral. Once deprived of this food, the coral bleaches and, in a matter of hours, dies.

London-based company Aethic has therefore developed Sôvée, the world’s first certified marine positive sunscreen which only contains ingredients that do not harm coral. So next time you go swimming or snorkeling, you know you won’t be hurting our precious reefs if you’re wearing this coral friendly sunscreen! Pro-surfer Rochelle Ballard is a fan of the sunscreen and says “It smells good, feels good and works well.”

The complete product was tested in both The Coral Triangle in Indonesia and in the Mediterranean, and the research showed that both coral and mussels remained completely intact.

Aethic Sovee coral friendly sunscreen

The patented formula incorporates three of the most photo-stable sun filters available, three organic moisturisers (beeswax, olive oil and coconut extract), Vitamin E as a skin anti-oxidant and only food grade preservatives. Sôvée is available in three SPFs: 15, 25 and 40, and it  comes in a corn-plastic biodegradable bottle inside a glue free box.

A contribution from the sale of every 150ml bottle is to the Going Blue Foundation’s Coral Nursery Fund, which aims to replenish and conserve threatened coral reefs.

  • Sôvée is available from  SPF 15 is £40 / SPF 25 is £44 / SPF 40 is £53
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