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Which non essentials should you take on your travels?

Non Essentials

If you are planning a memorable vacation or trip this year, you have probably already begun to plan your packing.  Most of us, when looking forward to a big event, imagine what it will be like, what we will wear, and what we will need to make the event go with a bang.

Fortunately, it is pretty easy to find out what is absolutely essential – there are plenty of lists on the internet, and it is not hard to see how a headscarf, flip flops, a fleece or jacket and a hat would come in handy.

What about the non essentials?

What fewer people seem able to tell you is what non essentials you will need, what are those items that you will regret leaving behind, even if they seem frivolous when you pack them.  Well, there is no need to worry any longer – here are some suggestions!

Formal or party clothing

If you think that traveling means living in just one outfit for the entire duration (or of making a series of outfits by tying a sarong in different ways), forget it.  It is highly likely that at some point, you are going to need smart or party outfits, so pack accordingly.

There are many modern fabrics, particularly man-made fabrics, that do not crease and are incredibly lightweight, and you should look for party wear in such fabrics to take on your trip.  Not only do synthetics remove the need for pressing (which can be difficult while traveling), they are lightweight so will not make much difference to your baggage weight allowance.


While you are thinking about party clothing, appropriate lingerie is essential, so check out the cheap lingerie deals at Lingerie Diva.  Do not, under any circumstances, believe that you can survive an entire vacation on a couple of sets of underwear – this is just not possible.  If fancy lingerie seems frivolous, then remember that it hardly weighs anything at all (no baggage allowance worries) and can be easily rolled or scrunched into any spare corner of your suitcase.


Whether you are backpacking in tropical climes or partying in a Scandinavian ice hotel, nothing leaves an impression like a signature scent.  A small bottle of perfume takes up very little room and, in your mind, for years to come its scent will be forever associated with your vacation.  What nicer way to store your holiday memories?


Nobody wants to look dreadful on holiday, so make sure that you take enough of your favorite skin creams and make up to last throughout your trip.  The travel sized packs that you can buy in stores may look cute and seem sensible, but often they are very small indeed and you may not be able to repurchase the same product while you are away.


The chances are that you will need at least one pair of glamorous shoes while you are away.  Flip flops are great, and can even look glam, but do you really want to party in shoes that are full of sand, or on which you accidentally spilled sunscreen earlier in the day?  No, you do not – so pack those sparkly shoes and get ready to party in them!

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