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What to Wear on Vacation in Hawaii

You have your ticket to Hawaii and your well-deserved and fought for, vacation days and while your first instinct might be to pack every tropical print item you own and throw it into your suitcase and call it a day, we beg you not to do so.

The key to dressing well on vacation is to a) not stick out like a sore thumb and b) embrace the local flair of your destination.

We do have hope for you, since you already started on the right foot, by clicking this article! “wink wink

  • Pack Smart


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Hawaii is lined with postcard beaches, warm breezes, and a thriving wildlife. Give yourself a soft packing guideline by taking inspiration from just that. This way, every piece that you pack will have a meaning behind it and will naturally work with each other far more seamlessly rather than just picking items that you think are “cute”.

Using this method, packing will become more contained and thorough.

Extra Tip: Roll your clothes, rather than folding them when packing. This neat little trick will give you extra space in your suitcase while also making items easier to see.

Going with the guideline, pick a color palette or aesthetic that you personally love. To us, Hawaii feels wild, romantic and ever-changing and to reflect that we recommend going with primary colors, that are full of personality and unapologetic.

Ideal Color Choices: Reds, Greens, and Blues. 

Now, that you have your color palette and your aesthetic, its time for the fun part! The clothes!

Before, giving your credit cards their first pre-vacation exercise, shop your closet first! You might find that one pair of pants that you have been saving for vacation but completely forgot about.

Once you have your basic packing done, look for statement pieces that you can use to complement and create your Hawaii closet.

  • Reuse and Rewear


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Conventional stylists will tell you that wearing the same outfit over and over again, will be fashion suicide but we beg to defer. Not only do we think it’s a bold choice that shows that you are comfortable with your style but not fully utilizing pieces in your wardrobe seems wasteful and HEY! If it’s good for royalty, it sure as hell works for us!

While on vacation, this ideology becomes a must, especially if you are going out of town only for a couple of days.

A simple pair of shorts, like these adorable mixed modern Loveless ones, can be worn for a day of sightseeing, a lazy lunch, or even a nap but can also help your beach bum loving self by turning into a makeshift cover up.

Look for items which can be worn multiple ways.

We do love a good print but like mentioned above, would caution against tropical prints. If you do have your heart set on them, pick a cleaner print that has the same essence that you are looking for without the complicated nuisance.


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  • Labels Matter

Hawaii is hot and humid, so keep a sharp eye on material composition for each item you pack, from your underwear to your coats. Pick light layers, that you can throw on when the constant air-conditioning hits you. Depending on when you travel, Hawaii also gets its fair share of rain, so we recommend packing a lightweight rain jacket.

  • Hawaii’s Secret Weapon: Two Pieces

These trendy sets are perfect for Hawaii. They capture the laid-back essence of the place while still being comfortable. Plus, you can break the sets apart and wear each piece with multiple outfits or wear it together to create a bold first impression. Either way, you will be a winner!


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