Our Top Five Travel Skincare Must Haves!

[box]Don’t go anywhere this year without packing your own personalised Travel Beauty Miniature. Be prepared for every need and every climate with one of our Top Five Travel Skincare Must Haves![/box]

With a world of cosmetics out there and just as many conflicting opinions of which to use, choosing the right products for your skin can be a daunting task! Of course, nobody knows your skin like you do, but with a little listening and some good old-fashioned chit-chat the trusty teams of our Top Five cosmetic concessions will come pretty close.

Shu Eumura

For the latest in cosmetic technology look no further than Shu Eumura. The Japanese brand invests an awful lot of time in perfecting its lotions and potions, from creating the first stable vitamin capsule that bursts on impact so as to ensure the vitamin is only active when it’s on the skin, to coming up with new and exciting natural extract combinations that will rebuild and protect your skin from environmental aggressors. The only notable downside is that not all of the products you will surely want to take away come in travel sizes. However, buy in store and explain that you are travelling and the consultant at hand will happily supply you with the sample sizes you’ll need for your trip and you’ll be glad of the larger purchase once you’ve tried it!

Shu Eumura 24-Hour Moisture range and (right) UV Under Base BB Mouse, SPF 30 and Instant Glow Skin Perfecting Cream


For those who burn easily and require a little extra help avoiding the suns rays, head to your nearest SUQQU counter! It isn’t easy to find a good SPF for the face, often they’re too thick, too creamy or too greasy! But SUQQU offer a day cream with SPF 50, and as if the high factor alone wasn’t impressive enough, the all day moisturizer is so silky-smooth you’ll forget you’ve even applied it!

In store at SUQQU


If you like to pamper while you vacation then Kiehl’s is where you want to go. The ranges are made from all natural products and are perfect for long, lazy days. Whether you enjoy warm, aromatic scents or something more zingy and fresh you’ll find the perfect product for you and it will leave you feeling all happy and lovely inside and out! Plus Kiehl’s scores extra points for packing all their travel bags by hand, in store with products chosen by yours truly!

Ready-Built Travel sets in-store


Clarins have pulled out all the stops where holiday hydration is concerned and if your skin is sensitive to different climates then you’ll be want to check out Clarins Hydra Quench range. Hydra Quench is specifically formulated for protection against climates that can have damaging effects on the skin from normal to especially cold climates – the perfect companion-cosmetics to any globe-trotter!

Clarins Hydra Quench range in-store.


Finally, for those who like to stick with what they know, play it safe with Clinique’s classic range, never to thick, never too light, just the right protection for day and night, what’s not to love? And with sun specific items to bulk out your bag you’ll be ready to leave in no time at all!

Clinique’s Classic 3-Step Skin Care.

So whether it’s a short city break in Berlin, an icy adventure in the Antarctic or just a long, lusty laze by the sea, be sure to pack yourself one of our Top Five Travel Beauty Must Haves! You’ll be thanking us later!

[box]Written by Ashleigh O’Brien[/box]

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