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Hyderabad India

How to spend 2 days in Hyderabad

If you are visiting India and find yourself with two days in Hyderabad, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied. Named in 2015 as the second best tourist destination by the National Geographic Travel Magazine, this city is steeped in history and a paradise for all food enthusiasts with its world-famous biryani. Nicknamed […]


Sun, Sea, Sarongs And Spas

When you go abroad for a break, you generally like to relax. You daydream about spending days on white-sugar beaches listening to the lull of the waves and feel the heat of the sun. You think about the delicious food you are going to eat, along with the local drinks you plan to sample. There’s […]

how much does it cost to travel the world

How much does it cost to travel the world?

Trying to see every country in the world is a tall order, but you can get pretty close with a round the world trip. Taking a year out and hopping from country to country is a great way to pack as much travel in as possible, but it’s going to cost you. It’s hard to […]

Majorca, Spain

Where to visit in Majorca if you want a stylish Instagram feed

We have spent hours shopping for the perfect holiday threads. We have a stylish holiday wardrobe that we want to share with the world. However, where can we find the perfect locations. We haven’t travelled to Majorca to share a picture of us in our new outfit outside of McDonalds. I could have popped down […]


5 Most Versatile (and Fashionable) Clothing Items for Travel Pics

Looking good in pictures is an art all on its own. You have to get the flattering angle, the natural light, and ideally it should be candid too. You’d like to get caught in mid-laugh, running through the water, or maybe seeing the sunrise from a beautiful morning hike. However, If you’re traveling, there is […]


Fall Women Wear Trends for 2017

Now, we all drool over those “sexy” furry hats from Givenchy but let’s be honest here some fall trends are more freaky than fashion. Save yourself from going to the Chewbacca territory and read through to find out all the fall trends for 2017 that you can actually add to your closet, without having your […]